Here to there…………….

I did say I’d show you a little bit of our cruise
Sydney to Singapore – 16 days in a very big boat!

Sailaway from Sydney was late in the afternoon
Not often I get to see Luna Park,
THE Bridge and Opera House all at the same time lol

the photos are not the best – camera was dropped a couple of days before leaving :)- but will enlarge with a click
Under the bridgeIcons

Unlike lots of other cruisers my main objective when on a ship is to relax and generally watch the world go by – having fun is allowed as well lol
This cruise we had chosen not to do any shore excursions at the ports so for us it was all about rest and relaxation and being on the ship 🙂

contemplating Watching the world go by

All that sea air does have an effect on some of the passengers tho!

Siesta time

Along the way there was nightly entertainment which included the Filipino crew show and a performance by Pingxin Xu on his chinese dulcimer

filipino crew show

Crew show

pingzin xu

This is a youtube recording from another cruise ship

There was a band and dancers to welcome us to Benoa (Bali)

Musical welcomeSoloistBalinese Dancersyoung dancerYoung Komodo Island locals well aware of the dangers of paddling alongside a 61,000 ton cruise ship showed no fear as they asked  called to pasengers for this that and the other – rush hour was evident in Semarang and pirate control was attached to the deck handrail (but luckily not used) in some waters along the Indonesian coast line

Please misterSemarang traffic (2)Pirate controlLong Range Ecoustic Device

There was the fun of ‘crossing the line’ ceremony
Yeah or Nay ??

now you've crossedyeah or nay

There were BBQs – chocolate extravanganzas – proper dinners

BBQchocolate extravaganzaInternational dinner

We laughed each evening after getting back to our room to see the different towel animal left by the stateroom stewards

Cuddle a koalaelephantThen it was time to have last night drinks with friends in their stateroom complete with still being filled suitcases – and before we knew it, it was sunrise and we were sailing past the brand new appartment complex called Reflections at Keppel and into Singapore Harbour

Champers timeReflections at sunrise

Here to there in 16days
Still smiling – ready for the next one.
It’s all about having a good time

Its all about having a good time

25 thoughts on “Here to there…………….

  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. I’m glad you got some R&R.
    No I didn’t feel the earth move, maybe I was in the car at the time. I haven’t head anything I wonder where it was and how big?


    1. I believe the penthouse suite on HAL ships does have a king size but oThe staterooms have enormous supposedly queen size – not sure what really but they are much much larger than my queen at home.


  2. How exotic and different. My goodness, those towels are something special too, aren’t they! What a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing with us. Did you enjoy the food? Did you take any pictures of it?


    1. Food was delish unfortunately this time we took no photos of it. Several choices at each course for each meal – some days we just ate casual, one day I just had the sandwich man make me a simple cucumber sandwich which was ‘admired’ by other cruisers who were ‘stuffed to the gills’ lol


    1. My sentiments exactly:)
      And whats more we left from Sydney (a one hour flight) away and not from a northern hemisphere port where it could take up to 24hours to get there!


    1. Dianne, what’s surprising is the fact you don’t really notice the days going past – there is something on each day (ports or sea days) and we never say oh dear we have been away xyz number of days – that is until the last day and then it’s, oh dear we have to pack this evening and then go home 😦


  3. I’m a bit negative about sea cruises, but yours does sound quite appealing. Alas I don’t own a suit and so would not be welcome at the captain’s table. The folded towels are twee, but who could not be amused by them. I hope they folded the toilet paper into the ubiquitous shape too.


  4. Be a funny world Andrew if we all liked the same things – offer me a millions dollars to spend 7 days doing a coach tour and I’d still run a mile lol
    Oh yes, there’s only one way for the TP to face and thats with the point down 🙂


  5. That Sydney opera house is a masterpiece of architecture! I enjoyed enlarging all the photos and sharing your journey from the confines of my bedroom. 🙂 The picture of the boys in the canoes is a real exhibit of how life is so different for many people. All the shots were fun to look at. I’m glad for you and your husband–that you were able to get away, have fun, and relax.


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