Something that takes place

Not the arty crafty ones decribed here
the usual everyday ones that take place around my house and neighbourhood.

Gosh it’s been a while since I sat down and just had a little natter with you – things get in the way don’t they lol

You might be interested to know the cost of our fuel is slowly dropping to a more reasonable level – after the shock of the New Year jump of 20c a litre I waited a while and filled up at a more reasonable $1.55 (US$1.38) but as this article suggests it will be rising again fairly soon.  Our fuel costs are based on what happens in Singapore and not the US and for years we’ve had weekly cycles where it fluctuates up and down, unfortunately recently we haven’t been able to pick when the lowest day will be so have had to take pot luck and hope for the best.  I drove past yesterday and it was even lower!

There I was at the end of December saying how we’d enjoyed nice warm weather and blow me down if it didn’t change and give the impression autumn had arrived.  Really cool days and coldish nights meant the shorts and tshirts were back in the cupboard and I was beginning to think about turning the heating back on and then of course I managed to start coughing and sniffing at the same time so a happy camper I was not 😦

I wonder if that was the reason for all the spider’s webs around the place (the cooler weather not the coughing and spluttering)  We assume it was a Garden Orb that built the web I showed the other day (there was one hanging around in that spot on Christmas Day) and the poor thing must have got a surprise one day as it was quite cool out there and with rain forecast forgetting he was there I dropped the blind he had used for support – resulting in a very mangled web.

It’s still very quiet outside – most workers will be back to work this coming Monday, then as life resumes in the suburbs we’ll begin to notice the traffic going up and down a couple of nearby main roads.  We don’t have any young children living close to our house so the main garden noise is from lawn mowers although one wretched man has a leaf blower that he uses daily on his driveway whether there is anything there or not!!

They say as one thing ends another begins and thats the way our summer sports are.  The Australian Cricket team did well to annihilate beat soundly the English Eleven (5 – 0) so the Ashes returned home.  Now it’s the turn of tennis to entertain us – The Australian Open takes place here in Melbourne so the professional  ‘stars’ are starting to arrive.  There have been various tournaments played round the country as a lead up but the big one begins next Monday and last for nearly a fortnight.  Looks like i’ts time for the local commentators to refresh their memory on the pronounciation of all the weird and wonderful different eastern european surnames that are going to crop up over that time 🙂

This time of the year is entertainment time when all the new releases arrive – I’ve been looking at several films that are on at our local cinema – there are some that appear to be ‘normal’, not vicious or bloo.dy war types or mystical ala weird spooky ones – I’m only into ‘nice’ ones these days which means The Golfer and I disagree occasionally but hey – I’m entitled to my opinion aren’t I and theres nothing to stop him going on his own.

The library has been sending out ordered books so there are several waiting on the bedside – looks like my goal to ‘read down’ some of those I selected from our bookcase last year might go on the back burner for a while.  I’ve downed four already this year so will fill you in on them soon as well as our cruise and the time we spent in Singapore last year.

And then I had a chat on skyp.e the other day with my sister who lives in Cyprus – that was a lovely happening – after the confusion of the last phone call I wasn’t sure she’d answer.  Thought I’d call to tell her some news, they only use a mobile so I wondered why it was taking so long to get an answer, heard a very groggy hello from her man, I laughed and joked about being in bed at this hour of the day, then the penny dropped.  She told me months ago they were going to have Christmas with family in England – he was not happy at being woken at 5.30am!

Anyway amongst other things we discussed our visit with them this coming September – yes I’m organising more travel.  From here to Athens then Cyprus back to Athens to cruise the Black Sea (ports in Greece Romania Bulgaria Ukraine and Turkey) back to Athens and then home.  Lots to plan in the next few months – maybe some shopping to be done lol

Ooops, as usual I’ve done a lot of gabbing, my health and the temperatures are back to normal, we have a week of sunny warm days coming up that will keep me and The Golfer content and all the mums happy (means kids can play outside) so better be off before I wear out my welcome.  Do tell me about the happenings in your life at the moment.
Bye for now

ps – I meant to say I haven’t been reading many blogs or answering any comments recently, hopefully that will begin to happen again soon
C x

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  1. G’day Cathy. Well it looks like that warm weather is upon us. Your shorts and T shirt are no doubt back out. I believe one day next week they are predicting 43 for my area up here in North Central Victoria. That spiders web really was a beauty and I have heard that Orb spiders build large webs. Petrol here today was $1.49 for unleaded. In the scheme of things, not too bad I suppose. Your upcoming holiday sounds fantastic. I bet you are looking forward to it. Only thing happening with me, other than staying out of the heat, is a book I am reading called The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs. It’s very enjoyable. Take care. Liz…


  2. Loved your narrative, Cathy. Gas in Hawaii ranges from $3.00 to $4.00 per gallon, so you are very lucky to pay less. I would love to see you in Melbourne some day and also would love to see Cyprus and Athens, too. So many wonderful ideas! Enjoy life.


    1. Not sure if it less because we buy in litres and not gallons these days – must do a comparison some time. Also your dollar and ours aren’t at parity anymore.


  3. I enjoyed your “Happenings”. Something there for every taste, LOL! I have never skyped, I haven’t the foggiest notion how it is done. Things are becoming too technical for me – or something. 🙂 Learning may cause more wasted time on the net. I must get to Loaves and Fishes to switch out my books. Spiders! The only good thing about winter is the lack of them.


    1. Sometimes it’s good to have someone in the house more computer savvy than yourself – that’s where The Golfer comes in handy 🙂


  4. Shorts and tshirts?
    Ashes coming ‘Home’?
    Sunny and warm?

    Heavens, where do you live? Ah, yes, on the other side, way down under.

    Nice to know there are people who are neither drowning nor freezing to death.
    Have a nice weekend. Or is yours over already?


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