Down they come…………….

It’s Twelfth Night (January 6th) tomorrow – the end of Christmas festivities – all the decorations need to come down or we shall have bad luck.

Does anyone know why it does it take a shorter time to do this than the time it takes to dress the tree?

I use the same baubles and trinkets each year apart from maybe an impulse buy – and most of them go on the tree according to size – biggest at the bottom, lightest closer to the top, others tucked in the branches so you’d think by now because I’d have a fair idea where to place them it would be a breeze.  No, it usually takes most of the day putting it up and two hours at the most taking down and putting away lol

I must show you something that made me smile on our recent cruise – I came across this sight of several grown men in the main atrium assembling a train set to run round the table that was to hold a gingerbread village scene.  These weren’t just any ol’ crew members but some of the executive officers (hotel management and culinary dept) – taking their jobs and responsibilities very seriously lol

click photos to enlarge


4Train 1


Very hard to photograph surreptitiously – I’m sure you would have had a smile as well if you’d been there.
Men far from home being boys who love to play with trains 🙂

If you are interested Snop,es has an article about Christmas Superstions.  It mentions not putting decorations up before Christmas Eve which is when ours go up as does the one on Wiki,pedia.

Have all your trimmings come down yet??

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  1. I don’t believe in bad luck from such things obviously! but the year i forgot to take down the door wreath was when Fahed had a heart attack. So from now on all deccies are down on time!


  2. no wonder I have had bad luck as I always take the last of the things down on the 6th not the 5th. Glad I popped by. Will take all my Christmas cards down today. Everything else is put away.

    Happy New Year to you and your family,

    Gill in Canada


  3. I love the photos of the guys assembling the train, and glad to see how beautiful it was when they finished and all the lights on.
    The Cat Temptation Tree came down this morning and at the moment, the cat is happy sitting in the empty boxes that are awaiting the rest of the decorations. I do leave a few things up for awhile longer as I just love to look at them.


  4. Cute train. My 3 year old grandson would love it. As for superstitions, no, I don’t have any. My tree went up the day after Thanksgiving in November and was taken down on Jan 1.


  5. Thank you for the visit. When I was a child, we bought and decorated the tree on Christmas Eve, but I think it is because the trees were cheap so late and we didn’t have a lot of money…Michelle


  6. Most certainly.
    I don’t even wait for 12th night, mine start getting put away by 2nd Jan. I usually can’t wait for normal life to resume.

    Christmas is lovely and I do enjoy unpacking my glittering treasures, but I start with getting my German figures and carvings out during Advent, I get tired of the whole show quite early.

    Love the ship decorations. Where is it?


  7. No superstitions in Northern Ireland, Most people erect their trees (indoor and out) on the first December, but I know a few people who take everything down on 26/27th December.

    Being home alone this year, I didn’t bother with any decorations.


  8. I usually wait until the 6th to pull them down, but this year I was so humbug that they came down on the 1st. Just was not in the mood for Christmas, and if it won’t for hubby getting the tree and my kids coming over t decorate it I wouldn’t of bothered. The pics of the boys and the train are awesome yep they never do grow up lol


  9. What an interesting post. I enjoyed reading it and the previous comments as well. I also followed the twelfth night link you provided and read about that too. Interestingly enough, I have been making the King’s Bread for my granddaughter on Mardi Gras. I do stick in a little figure of the Christ child and when she finds it, it has been her responsibility to keep it until it is time forit to go in the Nativity set.


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