More New Year Day thoughts…….

So New Year’s Day I’m driving down the road on my way to the ‘Big Green Barn’ when I had to stop at traffic lights on Canterbury Road.  Sitting there waiting I looked over to the service station opposite and nearly had a fit.  Surely that wasn’t right?  Out came the camera so I could check later, the lights changed and I was on my way.
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Price rise Jan 2014

Found what I wanted at B.unnings – would have loved a bbq’d sausage and onions from the community tent but thought better of it 🙂

Sausage sizzle

Stopped at more lights on the way back up the road and had a look at the price at another servo – add the discount and I had a sinking feeling.  Not good 😦

Price rise here too

So further down the road I actually drove off the road to have a better look at the first one and yes, it was true.
Unleaded petrol had gone up by 20c a litre overnight!!

Price rise

So my other thought for the day – buy your petrol when you think about it.
As I should have done last Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) when I noticed the guage at quarter full 😦

12 thoughts on “More New Year Day thoughts…….

  1. WOW! I hope that hasn’t happened here. If you would have gassed up on Tuesday, it would just have been a momentary save, which would get lost in the shuffle of time…
    The prices of things just keep rising while we remain in the same income. Sigh…


  2. In the US, fuel always goes up for holiday driving. Over the Christmas-New Year week, it went up 40 cents. This morning I noticed a station had begun dropping its price by 4 cents. So maybe yours will go down a bit now, too.


  3. Happy New Year to you, Cathy. I’m sorry that your fuel prices are catching up with ours – not a great start to the year – sadly, what goes up doesn’t seem to come down any more! Despite that, I hope you have a healthy and happy 2014.
    Maureen x


  4. Hi Cathy,
    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year. Glad to have some blog biddies whomare posting when I don’t have the time. All the best to you in 2014.


  5. G’day Cathy. That’s terrible. It is only going to get worse. I didn’t think to look at the prices at the petrol stations here in town on New Years day. I am going into Shepparton tomorrow and need to fill up. I hope it’s not that expensive !!! We were at that Bunnings in Canterbury Rd only last week. The smell of those sausages cooking is hard to resist. Take care. Liz…


  6. Yesterday I filled my gas tank at $2.94 per gallon. They did say on the radio that gas prices for 2014 would be down on the average under 2013. Hope that will start soon. At least our prices are under $3.00 per gallon for gasoline with Ethanol added. Most regular unleaded and premium unleaded gas is still over $3.00


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