New Year Day Thoughts……………..

No matter how long it takes

Things to do in 2014
Things to do in 2014

At the end of 2014
all of these and more will be albums.
When I find the rest of the albums that is 🙂

Photos taken over the years – albums bought over the years
Just one of those things we never get round to over the years lol

What are you thinking about this New Year Day?

17 thoughts on “New Year Day Thoughts……………..

  1. G’day Cathy. Happy New Year. I hope it’s a good one for you. That’s a great challenge to get all of your photos sorted . I should undertake that project myself as I have a lot that need to go in albums. I have spent my New Years day working and I am afraid the only thing I am thinking about is an early night. Take care. Liz


  2. Happy new year cathy. I had to help my mother do this very job one year whenninwas little and I swore I would never let my photos get like that. And I never did. Now that we have entered the digital age ite even better. Have a happy new year.


  3. I do scrapbooking these days and, like you, I have lots to catch up on. We have so very many photographs in packets, just like yours and it is very hard to part with them. Every now and then I have a blitz and then more come along. These days a lot are on the computer, but maybe one day in the future, all of those will be lost forever. Wouldn’t it be a shame if that happened! I have neglected my scrapbooking for the last few months with Larry here, but I must catch up now. Good luck with yours. Did you get some albums for Christmas, I wonder? That would be a start, wouldn’t it! Happy New Year Cathy. We are just starting here in England and you are coming to the end of your first day, aren’t you.


  4. My main thoughts today are around future plans and around my dads birthday off down to visit soon) But you reminded me that photos need sorting too!
    Happy New Year


  5. Happy New Year, Cathy!

    I undertook a project like that ten years ago, naming and dating all the photos and filling albums chronologically. I had photos going back to the 1800s. The next stage was to scan them to my computer. In 2014, my youngest brother came home from Australia for a holiday and plenty of photos were taken as he spent time with each of us on our own ground and finished up with all the family gathering for a BBQ on the last weekend. Elly & George. added all the photos to their laptop and then went home to burn them to a CD with all those from my archive, neatly divided into folders. E&G then enlarged a photo of my five siblings and I and used it for a CD case cover. On the last day of the holiday she presented each of us with a copy! I thought it was a wonderful idea and so did the siblings!


  6. Thinking that I ought to write something profound and reflective on my blog and can’t think of a single thing! Great way to start the new year. Our New Year starts off with the anniversary of our son’s death looming. Got to figure a way to negotiate that…


  7. I have the same thing awaiting me this year… I bought a new scanner though, and will make digital albums for the kids.
    Happy New Year!


  8. I lost the love of my life but I drew closer to the rest of my family and friends, including blog friends plus I made a whole bunch of friends in this community we lived in for eight years and barely knew a soul. Lemonade to be made out of lemons. Somehow I not only feel the hand of God in all this, I sense Ron at work in my healing:)

    Happy New Year Cathy!


  9. I have some of those to work on this year, too. Unfortunately mine are the old kind that the photos are stuck on a page and a clear film laid over them and they are a butter to get out without ruining the photos. Bah!


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