Those in between days…………..

I’m talking about those precious days – the days that start with the most precious of all,  Christmas Day and end on New Years Day.  To me they are inbetween – between an ending and a beginning.
The days when the house has been cleared of all the holiday excess – the visitors have been and gone – some reminders are still there – but generally life has slowed down to almost a crawl.


So far this year there are memories of a quiet Christmas Day picnic by the river at Buxton.  On one side the Little Steavenson River, behind us the mountains, families playing and having fun at their gatherings in the park along side.
click to enlargePicnic spot

picnic spot 2MountainsFamilies

Melting moments

There has been the feel of really hot days when I thought the little snowmen as well as the kitchen window sill flowers would melt
Those have been the days of us just being lazy, listening to the Boxing Day cricket test on the radio, books and drinks at hand.  Marvelling at how quiet the neighbourhood is and of course having Kiera close at hand.

Warm sunny days

Of course we haven’t lounged around all the time – there have been slightly cooler days
some things must be done 😦
This is what I class as healing time so
Food has been simple leftovers – housework basic.
If it’s not necessary it doesn’t get done lol
Blowing in the wind

And so it goes.
The New Year will be here soon and it will be back to reality.

How do you spend those ‘in between days’

18 thoughts on “Those in between days…………..

    1. It was given to me a few years ago now – they are actually supposed to be cats, tHe hooks are useless, they point in the most stupid ways, but hey it fills a space lol


  1. Just about the same as you Cathy. I call it a holiday once the main cooking is over and I have just had a very lazy Sunday afternoon. I keep Christmas as long as possible. I love the feel of it. We woke here to such a sharp frost, but now it has gone, but already dark. Perhaps we will have another one tonight. I’ve just started a new book – The Light Across The Ocean, I think it’s called and can’t wait to read chapter two. Have you read it?


    1. Definitely no frost here lol. Nice pleasant days at the moment with a chance of rain. Once the library reopens I’ll look for that book – how is chapter two going Oma?


  2. G’day Cathy . Lovely photos. My in between days have been spent doing up an old pine dining table. Also doing some sewing and reading. Just lazing around some as well. But, it’s back to work for me today. Take care. Happy New Year to you and your family. Liz…


  3. Well boxing day is full on as ER do CHRISMAS for my family then. Hubby worked and on Friday we left for the weekend to go camping. Home now and hubby is back at work while I get to was and clean the van. But I’m not breaking any speed records it do it like the tortoise. Slow and steady. I think new years will be spent at my sister in laws. A nice quiet one. Have a happy new year!


  4. We had the family over for Christmas and are now dreading the noise and smoke from firecrackers on New Years Eve. Ugh. Then, we will take the tree down on New Years Day and put it away until next Christmas.


    1. Is the noise etc from large organised displays or local families in their back yard? My tree and trimmings go up Christmas Eve and stay for the twelve days then come down on Twelfth Night (Jan 6th ) – bad luck will follow if they are up later than that. Superstitious – who me ??


  5. Hello Cathy…I wanted to invite you to join Nature Notes when you are able to. I try to get the post up Monday evening by 11 pm EST and really anything goes that is nature related. There are a few people who participate who are from Australia which I love to see your spring and summer as we are in cold snow now… After the holiday, I like to rest up and curl up with a book while keeping an eye on the yard and pond for my bird feeder visitors…..Michelle


  6. Having time to catch up on blog reading, and book reading, plus watching a few old movie favourites. Very enjoyable time now I have given up trying to accomplish anything very much. Weather is dreadful, so many people without power or flooded,, we are lucky. I am not 100% and Fahed is poorly so our acheivements can be a little more relaxed xxx


  7. I like your attitude about if it isn’t necessary, it doesn’t get done. My in between days are reserved for the ritual cleaning of my filing cabinet to sort items for record-keeping and tax preparation. Silly nerdy thing to do between two holidays, but that’s how it goes.


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