There’s always a reason why……………

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi

When I walked out the door yesterday to meet up and have coffee with some friends the above quote was in my mind.

I knew I could follow all the eating plans I have and ‘be safe and secure’ in the thought I used the allowable calories to the best of their advantage or I could risk having some beautiful hand made chocolates, feel a bit guilty but enjoy it, and know I was going to have to work like crazy to use all those calories up.

Chocs 1

Half an hour later when I stood in front of this cabinet I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do but at that moment I knew I wasn’t going to become depressed if I slipped off the wagon and would as the song goes ‘pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again’

Handorfs Fine chocolates

Chocs 2

So what is it (asked a friend in an email) with all this talk of food, weight loss, body shape, self esteem ( do I look fat in this? ).

Because at the end of next week we are off again -16 days of cruising up the eastern seaboard via the Coral Sea, across the Top End into the Arafura Sea and the Timor Sea, past Indonesia by way of the Java Sea and then on up to Singapore.

And that means trying on clothes to decide what to take with me!


Thank you all for your comments and emails in relation to my previous post – Thoughts from the Pathway.  Todays post sort of explains why I was thinking outloud lol

11 Replies to “There’s always a reason why……………”

  1. Even on my strict anti-inflammatory diet, I won’t pass up an occasional cheat if I see something like specialty handmade chocolates! Life is too short not to enjoy the “little things”!


  2. A couple of chocs would not have hurt too much I shouldn’t think.mehqt ever you decided I hope you did it without regrets. Your cruise wounds great, have a fantastic time and take lots of photos to share wo we can do a virtual tour with you. Take care xx


  3. Your trip sounds just lovely. Anything in moderation…
    Life is too short, as they say… you’ll never get out of this world alive.
    I haven’t been out of the yard in two weeks, enjoy living while you’re able!
    Eat the chocolate and have a fantastic trip!


  4. There’s nothing like a holiday to get the weight off, good luck with the diet but I don’t know how you could restist those chocolates.


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