Thoughts from the pathway……………..

Funny what you think about while walking along the street

A few years my doctor said I was overweight, I remember that visit quite clearly and for some reason when I was out walking the other day it popped back into my mind.

I had wondered how people actually saw me at that time – was I chubby, plump or did I actually look fat?   I know at the time I certainly didn’t want to look like those descriptions and was most put out when he actually said that with a height of 157cms/ 5ft 2ins weighing 74kgs/163lbs (11 stone 9lbs) was not a good look.

His reasons for concern were raised BP and the hip pain I had complained about.  At that time it was my hip that bothered me more than my back.  With the loss of some of the kilos the hip pain vanished which is a good thing as at one time I couldn’t walk up any stairs and much to my annoyance had to use lifts or escalators to get around large shopping centres, multi-story buildings and car parks.

Of course when the back played up a couple of years ago and exercise was the last thing on my mind one or two kilos went back on again but we are working on that.

I went on to think about ‘What DO I want to look like’ and ‘How would I like others to see me’.  I knew I didn’t want to be ‘skinny’ or ‘thin’ as that is not a good look especially on an older person.

Though I have to admit, I don’t actually admit to being 71 very often, I have no idea what a 71yr old is supposed to feel or do so I just live my life the same as before ‘cept that at the moment there is a bit more emphasis on food and exercise.

Anyway back to body shape, my body shape.

I think I would like to look trim (sort of slim with shape) but trim seems to imply toned and thats what I’d like to be.

Having a shaped body would be great – someone once described my shape as like an H – same at the top and bottom with not much of a waist so dresses with belts are out lol.

Yes, having a shaped body would be great and if there are no fatty bits flopping around it would be even better 🙂

Maybe toned would be a good thing, and I can achieve that by continuing with visits to the gym using free weights and the equipment as well as walking for the fun of it.

Half hour exercise a day and all that lol

My one recurring thought is will I be satisfied when I am back down to the suggested goal weight or will I be greedy and want more?   Knowing how hard it has been to get this far how will I manage to achieve that – will it be feasable or will my mind say ‘Forget it?’

Time will tell I suppose – we’ll cross that path when we get there 🙂

12 thoughts on “Thoughts from the pathway……………..

  1. <My parents are way older that you Cathy but I know they don't worry about their weight etc. any more, but they do make sure to keep active with daily swimming and plenty of walks. I believe they have settled into their natural sizes now they have stopped checking. I would guess mum is about 81/2 stone and maybe dad is 13 (he is a strong chap). Must be doing them okay as they are on a 700 mile round trip to visit my son this weekend, even though they have combined age of 169 years 🙂


  2. Hi Cathy….it is so hard to decide on what is ideal. I have to keep my weight down…also because of the osteo in my hips. However, now the lines and old skin look dreadful..sigh


  3. I sympathise Cathy. I have a bad back too and for that reason, I don’t like exercise. It hurts to walk or stand, let alone run or jump etc. Swimming? yes, I like that, but we have a new pool in the town where I live and so far I haven’t found a satisfactory way of getting out of it! Oh well, let’s just watch the calories a bit more, shall we?


  4. I am not the person to give advice. For most of my life I was a greyhound and under weight. The main problem for me, about being underweight is I have no insulation from the cold!


  5. After getting sick and not being able to excersie I have gained a lot of weight. Bu I started a diet two weeks ago and I’ve already lost between 5 and 7 kilos. Not sure how much as I don’t know my start wight. But if I start 5 kilos from where I am now I’m happy. I feel it in my clothes and especially in my bras and undies! So I’ll keep dieting and maybe I’ll be able to go on some walks soon. Good luck


  6. I figure a person can change their diet any time if they have to, but when a person gets very large and has health conditions and injuries, it can be very difficult to start even a little exercise program. So if I had to choose, I would start with exercise and eventually being “toned,” and work on food issues later. My strategy for food is to always eat enough “good food” (especially fruit and veg) and cut back on sweets when I need to. I’m sure for some people it works better the other way – if they change their diet, they feel better, and then they are more motivated to be active! It sounds like you are on the right path already.


  7. I think feeling good and being healthy are the two most important things; what shape your body takes through genetics can’t be helped. In my opinion, too much focus is put on aesthetics while it should be on good health and healthy lifestyles instead. I lost 30 pounds and got down to my optimal weight without even trying (I hate exercise and don’t do anything special) when I started following an anti-inflammatory diet to support my daughter, who had to go on a similar diet. I did it for the anti-inflammatory factor and to be a support to my daughter, but I ended up having much more energy and much-improved blood test results. That told me (and my doctor) that I’m now doing the right things for my body and have eliminated the things that were detrimental to me. In my book, that’s all that matters. The weight loss was a nice side benefit, but not my prime objective, thought it sure was a wonderful reward to go from a size 8 to a size 2!


  8. Good luck. I have lost a few kilos and become more active to protect my back and address rising cholesterol. And, have to admit, it is nice being slimmer. Will be hard for you to eat lightly on a cruise; they tend to be opportunities for food overload.


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