TGIF……..time for fun

Yes Friday is here once again
It’s that day between Thursday and Saturday
which turns up regularly every seven days!

Now heres something I bet you didn’t know
The name Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning the “day of Frigg“,
Friday is associated in many cultures with the love goddess Venus, and/or the planet named for her
You might like to visit and find out more 🙂

Anyway I’m going to call today Fun Friday
And to help you shake of all the stress and strain of the regular working week I am going to show you something that, from what I can gather, not many people can walk away from.

It’s a piece of bubble wrap
Yes,  that floppy plastic stuff covered with bubbles full of air
bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items.

Now tell me that doesn’t interest you lol
Tell me you don’t have twitching fingers lol
But to be fair I should say it’s actually a virtual piece of bubble wrap I’m going to introduce you to.

It’s just waiting for you to pop
so click on this link
scroll down the page a bit to where it says pop some now
Click on that link and away you go!

Hours of fun just at your finger tips
What’s more – theres plenty more where that came from
and better still
It’s Free

Does anyone else enjoy whiling the time away doing silly things
Makes you feel good doesn’t it lol

11 thoughts on “TGIF……..time for fun

  1. Now I must download the app on my Kindle. Why is bubble wrap so addicting? Meanwhile I think I can find some of the stuff around here and do the real thing. It used to scare the holy crap out of Ron because he thought it was gunfire.


  2. Thanks Cathy! This in one to surely pass on. It brings out the child in all of us.
    Happy Friday! Or maybe it’s not Saturday for you. 🙂


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