Mum’s Afternoon Tea

‘Come to tea’ said Mum
‘Well it’s a bit difficult I said – living where I do,
It will an awfully long day
I’ll be leaving home before you’ve been to bed !’

Of course I had got the wrong end of the stick
and what she meant was come to her virtual tea party

Mum's Virtual Tea Party

When I mentioned this to a friend she replied ‘that would be lovely
but wouldn’t an actual tea party be lovelier?
We could have cake and little tiny sandwiches with no crusts
and cups of tea and all that!
I’ll bring all the food, it’ll be fun
And you know what, we could have it outside in the garden 🙂

Well as the day got closer my friend kept coming up with different ideas
First of all she wanted Low Tea
Served on a low table on the deck

Low table for Low Tea!
Low table for Low Tea!
All set for Low Tea on the deck!
All set for Low Tea on the deck!

  Then it was to set a little table up down near the garden – Champagne Tea she called it.  Only with strawberries and cream and drinkies!

Champagne Tea in the garden!
Champagne Tea in the garden!
Ready for Strawberries and Cream - and Champagne!
Ready for Strawberries and Cream – and Champagne!

The day came – It was supposed to be nice
Somehow the weather didn’t turn out to be that good
When I had everything set up the rain came down
Yet I was confident we’d have a great time
Strawberries ready to go – the roses in the ‘Blue Bed’ were looking good

Strawberries and whipped cream!
Strawberries and whipped cream!

RosesMy dear friend walked in the door not feeling too well
No food prepared so quick change of plan
She’d popped into the local bakery and hey presto
Cream Tea  – casual home style

A cream tea (also known as a Devonshire tea, Devon cream tea or Cornish cream tea)is tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam

So scones, whipped cream and jam (with butter for me) was what we ended up having 🙂

Scones, Jam and Cream!
Scones, Jam and Cream!
Cream Tea with a friend!
Cream Tea with a friend!

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And do pop over to Mum’s to see what sort of a day everyone else had  🙂

21 thoughts on “Mum’s Afternoon Tea

  1. I’ll have the strawberries and cream please washed down with the champagne and I’ll sail through the rest of the parties with a huge grin on my face. I’ve already got my silly hat on!
    Love from Mum


  2. I was born in Devon so that will be lovely thank you. Really enjoyed my visit here & the tea was just how I like it and always nicer when someone else makes it.


  3. Cathy, your tea is the prettiest one I’ve seen today, I have to say. And I especially like the idea of champagne for the tea! We can start out with champagne, then have tea before we drive home. Too bad you couldn’t have it outside, as to be in nature is to be in heaven. But it was all wonderful. Thank you for inviting us. Have a great day! xxoo JO


    1. Thank you Joanne, nice to meet you by the way. We did manage to be outside just undercover – it was a lovely time all the same. The champers seems to have been the hit of the day!


  4. Thanks to you, I was able to participate in the virtual tea party, but because of the time zone I’m in, I am very late. Oh well. It was delicious here and then fun to see what others did. Thanks for the link. You hosted a lovely party!


    1. Thank you for coming Gram – the champagne has all gone but it doesn’t take long to boil the kettle again. Lovely to see you joining in as well. Do come back again another day


    1. I often think the best part of just about any meal is the conversation that accompanies it – and often wonder if talking to yourself when eating alone count as well lol


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