Time to smell the roses……………

Yes, back a couple of weeks and already starting to flag
‘where’ve you been’ was the question asked in the email.

Taking time to smell the roses I replied! 042 1

027 1026 1Home a couple of weeks now, sleeping well but weary so slowed down – not actually dropped out, just slowed down enough to enjoy doing nothing.

So what else? she asked in the next email

Well, says I – I’ve been…….

Doing some gardening in the on again off again weather minus the awful leg pain that’s dogged me for the past two years.  I’ve been walking round planning – what needs cutting back,  moving or even taken out, remembering (and now experiencing ) what it is like to be able to get down to weed.  With the last horrendously hot summer we had coupled with the wettest winter for years that was something that went by the wayside

Wondering what I will actually do with the washing line lavender which after it’s near death by Catherine’s hands escapade still insists on only growing on one side – might have to cut the ‘good’ side right down to give some light to the other.  Bit of a shame as it’s justing starting to bloom 😦

October 2013
October 2013

Read all about it below:
https://cranethie.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/oh-dear-what-have-i-done/ https://cranethie.wordpress.com/2013/08/11/phew-it-was-touch-and-go-there-for-a-while/

Working on the knitting I told you about recently
Reading a couple of library books by ‘new to me’ authors – those pick off the shelf ‘wonder what these’ll be like’ books I take home sometimes.
Going out for coffee in a ‘new to me’ but has been there for years ‘chocolate cafe’
Driving out to a very cool wet and misty Healesville golf course.

Oh that’s great she said,  not exactly the nothing you said you were doing – you have to tell me more about those last few things.
Right you’re on – says I

2 thoughts on “Time to smell the roses……………

  1. Considering the massacre, I believe I see new growth on the old soldier. Amazing! I had given up and yanked mine out. Sigh… I must learn patience. Smelling roses is not a pass-time for me, they make me suffer, I do like looking at them though. I could smell lavender all day with no problem… Enjoy the lavender you have, maybe try sowing some seeds amongst what is there?


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