Time to eat cake…………..

According to some I’m a bit odd where birthdays are concerned – they come and they go and they are just another day in the year.  The Golfer is a bit different and does like to have a fuss made on his special day.

Now it’s not often we actually go out for lunch – especially when it involves a half hour drive in cool cloudy misty weather – so it had to be a special occasion when we did just that earlier this week.  Lunch was at The Golfer’s club in Healesville – trouble was the weather didn’t play nice so we had to eat inside instead of on the terrace with the fabulous view of the surrounding hills.

No outdoor dining that day 😦

No oudoor dining today

No hills to been seen or walkers by the lake that day 😦Misty day Healesville

But afterwards there was cake in the lounge 🙂
A special little cake the club gives members (as well as lunch) to celebrate their birthdays.
Mine is in the same week so we ‘dine together’ lol

October 2013

Happy Birthday Sunshine

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  1. G’day Cathy. Belated wishes to your hubby. Hope you both had a wonderful day. Lovely view from the Golfer’s club and that cake looks yummy. Take care. Liz…


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