Going round and round………..

Have you ever had a day when no matter what you do the lines of a song go round and round in your head?

Like today – it has been beautiful and sunny – so I decided earlier on that once the ‘morning rush’ was over I would spend some time out on the deck knitting.

Now you all know that when it comes to knitting there are times when I decide that it’s time for a change.

To me published patterns are there just as a guide – I often change things around.
If you take the design concept from one, use different wool/yarn plus needles to suit, take the sizing from another and often the stitch from another the finished garment can be similar but also totally different.

 This is what I’m working on at the moment
Click to enlargeBaby jacket A very simple baby jacket – with a cross over tied front that looks very similar to the sleeveless baby jackets I often make

Looks nice doesn’t it – there’s Just a couple of things wrong that I need to change
The pattern calls for 4ply, the little accent stitch is even too hard for me to fathom out and ribbons on babies these days are a no no

So time for me to get the brain cells working.

Replacing the accent stitch with a purl and changing the ply shouldn’t make any difference except to give it a chunkier look – winter baby so all good 🙂
I know the stitch count for general new borns in DK/8ply garments so can follow instructions for those numbers but have to adjust length.  (All to do with finer wool needing more stitches for smaller sizes)  Thats great for the back but theres some calculations needed for the fronts eg when to start front decreases.
Will replace the ribbons and press studs by adding buttons and buttonholes where the cross over starts.

 Easy peasy – notebook at hand and away we go
I’ve been enjoying a lovely sunny day with Kiera
my constant companion in the background Inch by inch

‘Cept for these words rattling round my mind
Inch by Inch
Row by Row
Going to make this garden grow

Someone tell me what comes next please
I’m too lazy to ask Mr G… 🙂

How’s your day been – Busy?
What are you reading or maybe crafting
Have you been gardening
Or even doing that dreaded thing that starts with H…….

9 thoughts on “Going round and round………..

  1. I never heard your song before, but yes, have had songs haunt my day.
    Pretty stitch!
    I just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, yes, I know I should be cleaning and packing, but I got the books as a gift and I wanted to see what the shouting was about. Not that impressed, but not repulsed as I had heard.


  2. G’day Cathy. Love the knitting. The following words are; . All it takes is a rake and hoe
    And a piece of fertile ground. Inch by inch, row by row. Someone bless these seeds I sow. Someone keep them safe below. ‘Til the rain comes a-tumbling down. Now you have planted this song in my head and I will be singing it the rest of the day !!! lol. Take care. Liz…


  3. If “H” stands for housework you can be assured I am having none of that. From all my busy work yesterday I turned and realized my house looks like my old college dorm room. Yikes!


    1. And as you’re not sharing that photo it is left to our imagination Annie – notice there is no mention of the interior of my house either lol


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