There’s something deeply satisfying……………

There’s something deeply satisfying
About being in the arms of the one you love!

Hello – it’s Kiera here……… know, the apple of her eye……….the Beautiful Brown Burmese that lives with – you know……The Special One whose name starts with C and The Golfer.

You know the more I think about that statement about the one you love the more I agree with it – I don’t mind being in or even on anything belonging to the Special One or even The Golfer 🙂


I’ve found that since they came home I’ve been able to twist her round my little claw, sorry paw and I get to sit really really close to her whenever I want – maybe it’s a case of the guilts at leaving me for all those weeks – but hey – I’m not going to complain am I 🙂


The Special One has been really busy this week – if she hasn’t been out in the garden ‘ trying to ‘get everything up to scratch’  as she says (whatever that means)  she’s been filling the freezer and cupboards with necessary bargains – although, after all the muttering I’ve heard this week about the extra weight she gained and how she will have to start her daily walk again as well as go back to the gym I wouldn’t have thought chocolate ice creams were necessary even if they were a bargain lol  Then  when The Golfer mentioned something about liking his women soft, round and cuddly I thought it wiser maybe even safer if I left the room 🙂


Oh I must tell you this – on those cold wet days last week we spent some time together in her armchair – she was knitting and listen to this – I thought I’d try and be clever and move forward just a little bit to  get more comfortable  on her lap ‘cept her knitting was there – yes it was white and definitely  off limits to me (something to do with my brown hairr getting all over it) but that didn’t stop me trying.  There was one small moment there when I thought  she was going to growl but not a word was said.   Wow she really must be feeling guilty 🙂

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Oh dear I’m feeling sleepy again – so it’s Bye for Now
Oh and my Special One says Thank You to all of you who have left comments on the last few posts – she’s hoping to have time to pop in and see you all in the next few days.


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  1. Haha sounds like bella. She has not left my side at all. I haven’t got back to my knitting yet, but I have read a few books on my kindle and she is right there trying to sit on it. I’m sure you both had lovely times at the cattery. I know bella had a more luxurious one than me!


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