We went away………

Yes, we went to visit those that live far away and when we got there we were reminded (once again) that we were the ones who had ‘come from away’ lol
The term “Come from Away” refers to people who are ‘outsiders’. That come from out side of the province

We laughed, loved and just had fun with family and friends
The girls kept bumping into these three who were intent on putting the world right


Who kept meeting up with these three who just wanted to relax sit in the sun and enjoy life


We had some good weather and some not so good weather
and there were lots of my favourite things to see and do 🙂

Waterfalls to be gazed at
some high – some wide
and as as special treat – my real favourite
much higher and wider than the others


There were boats and ships in all shapes and sizes
One big enough for a helicopter landing pad!

MV Highlanders
MV Highlanders

We saw lighthouses – some big and some small
that stood by the water providing protection for those ships

Point Armour (near L'Anse Armour) Labrador
Point Armour (near L’Anse Armour) Labrador

Waterbirds and wildlife aplenty
Benches and seating ready for sitting on
Oh and one night there was music to  listen to.

Back row as usual

There were war memorials on hillsides and main streets

Twillingate Newfoundland
Twillingate Newfoundland

And Inuckshucks on hilltops and in gardens http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inuksuk

On the hill at the back of Fogo near the Marconi Site
On the hill at the back of Fogo near the Marconi Site

But the real reason to be there was to give thanks and celebrate a special occasion

Aunty Dorothy

Birthday congratulation

It’s not often a birthday card is received from the Prime Minister of your country !

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  1. G’day Cathy. Glad you had a fabulous trip. The photos are lovely. Thanks for your email. The train service from here is actually quite good, but I know what you mean about the everyday commuters having their favourite seats. That accounts as to why I got some strange looks some days !!! lol…..


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