Still here…….

On Fogo Island at the moment (can’t add links for some reason but google to see ) – spent several days in the Deer Lake area – moved on to a little place called Coffee Cove where we stayed the night in a really old1840s ‘cute’ cottage. Spent some time in Twillingate then came over on the ferry yesterday and have spent hours touring around seeing life as it used to be here In little fishing villages,  Visited a spot today that the Flat Earth people reckon is one of the corners of the earth lol

Weather so so rain some days fabulous others – seem to be eating all day long – back to Nfld tomorrow making our way slowly to Rocky Harbour then on to St Barbe for a ferry over to Labrador.

Slow connection so bye for now – will show photos when we get back to Aus.  Cathy

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  1. I was wondering where you were and how the holiday was going. I visited my friend in Montrose last night and you popped into my head. Have a great time.


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