I’ve arrived……..

The last few days have sped by – no problems with the long haul flight ‘cept for a late arrival in Toronto which meant we didn’t get to Halifax till nearly 10 pm which meant arriving at final destination about midnight – a very long day.  One bonus is that the weather has been good, sunny and dry just perfect for walking up town in the small community of Berwick and relaxing with family.  No time restraints, accepting a quiet time with The Golfers aunt and any other family who dropped into ‘their Mum’s or their Grammies’.

So what happened next is that we spent  most of yesterday with good friends making our way up to North Sydney  in constant heavy rain for the overnight ferry to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland.  Not the best of crossings on a rocking rolling crashing into high seas ship courtesy of a gale and that torrential rain all the way across the Cabot Straight – unfortunately I spent a great deal of the night leaning over the toilet.  Seasickness got me and oh how I suffered lol.

Still tossing it down this morning when we got off the boat which made the drive to Deer Lake a bit ordinary.  Lovely to meet up with another couple and spend the day laughing and planning how we are all going to spend the rest of the next two weeks.

Looking forward to a good nights sleep and a good day tomorrow – there’s a promise of a dry warm day so here’s hoping it turns out that way!

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  1. Welcome back to North America! As I write this, I wonder if Canadians use the name of the continent much. I doubt that those of us in the US do either. 🙂 Aside from your sea sickness, which you seem to have put aside with your sense of humor, it appears to be off to a good start. EnJoy!


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