Once again – this time with feeling

IMG_6796Another week nearly gone and it’s almost been like a repeat of the previous one.  Rain rain and more rain – some really cold days with a promise of that white stuff……………..not actually in my suburb but very close by.

Remember the nearby hills (aka The Dandenongs) visible all round the neighbourhood and also from our front driveway – well up there.IMG_6792


Thank you for all your ‘get well wishes’ – unfortunately there were more days this past of feeling weary and offcolour, so I stayed off the computer and was in bed early most nights – wake feeling fresh but go downhill during the day.  That’s it – no other symptoms so I’ve no idea what’s up.  Sounds like I need a holiday lol

I’m so glad I did start preparing early as I don’t have much left to do now ,  It’s such a palaver getting things ready and packed, mainly not knowing what the weather is going to be like on the other side of the world but also with an airline luggage limit of 23kg/50lbs to contend with,

We’ll be in Nova Scotia to begin with, then spend two weeks seeing more of Newfoundland, then its back to the mainland for another week.  Accuweather provides a monthly forecast but as we all know things can change from day to day, at the moment the forecast is for days up in the high 20sc/70sf and others down in the teensc/50s-60sf so I’m going along my usual line of layers upon layers and if really turns nasty then I’m not going out!!

Must go now – I may be able to say hello now again but am not promising anything, being with family means we are busy and on the go a lot; we will doing B&B in Newfoundland and you can’t always use the host’s facilities – and anyway I’m going to be having so much fun I won’t have time to be writing blog posts 🙂

After we leave NS we’re spending a few days in the Toronto area with one of The Golfer’s old school friends which will be nice – will be great to see Niagara again – then its home again.  Will be the end of September by then and hopefully by that time Spring will definitely be here.

Bye for now – I’m not the worlds best traveler so am mentally preparing myself for all the long flights – leaving very early this Sunday morning, 7am flight to Sydney then 14hrs to Vancouver, 4hrs to Toronto and then another 2 to Halifax.  I’ve got my knitting sorted and reading on the iPad so all I can do now is hope all the hosties (air hostess/ flight attendant) are in a good mood and they treat me kindly 🙂


See you then


13 thoughts on “Once again – this time with feeling

  1. I Hope you are well, enjoy for trip and will look forward to hearing all about it when you get back x


  2. I have been to Vancouver and Toronto, both times during the winter. I would love to visit again during the summer when the trees and grass are green. If I don’t hear from you, have a great trip!


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