Wouldn’t it be nice….

Oh yes – wouldn’t it be nice if everything went to plan.

This time I promised myself I wouldn’t leave it all till the last minute, I’d have most things ready at least a week before we leave.

With one week left before we fly out I’m about to turn tail and run the other way!

Being off colour for a few days hasn’t helped – feeling weary and out of sorts I slept 12 hours solid the other night.

For the first time ever gale force winds and rain storms made me feel uneasy.

Chipped windscreen right in my line of vision was starting to spread so had to be replaced – repair company were set to arrive at home but had to cancel because of traffic accident – when they came the next day the wrong screen had been loaded into the truck.

Can’t go away and come home to a messy house so it has to be cleaned properly – and you all know how one thing turns into another :(.

Lucy the local trouser ‘ turner upper ‘ a god send to those of us who are vertically challenged is snowed under – I have to wait till Tuesday to pick up my job!

The spotlessly clean kitchen floor that would have needed just a little wipe over on Friday had to have another good wash courtesy of the spilt jug of milk.

No point in crying is there – this time next week I’ll be half way across the Pacific Ocean and good or bad this will just be a memory lol

How’s your week been ??

20 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be nice….

  1. Well I guess before I get to braggy I better knock on wood. My week has been peachy keen. However I know such a comment can jinx a person in a split second. Hope your path is quite smooth by now.


  2. Have a wonderful trip Cathy! I have trouble remembering how my weekend was, let alone my week! We did go out to dinner with friends last night, lol.


    1. No Gigi no computer going – maybe I’ll get online at some of the families homes but half the time we will be out of range of a signal


  3. Once your on the plane you won’t even remember what you were upset about, enjoy your trio away xxx


  4. I get a case of the nerves, too, when a big event is about to happen. What is it about cleaning the house and doing the laundry before traveling? I do the same and then I’m rushing to pack!

    During the last 4 days, my husband and 2 of my 3 daughters have been away; sooo, Daughter #1 and I have been chillin’ out, as we say over here. They come back in about 26 hours. Oh well…my little mini vacation at home will be over. 🙂

    Where are you going! Did I miss a post where you talked about it?


    1. Anita I’m so glad I’m not the only one who cleans through and changes the sheets before going off on holiday – we’ll be away 5 weeks this time so I’d hate to leave anything in the rubbish bin under the sink lol


  5. Well I hope that all that is now forgotten and you are calm and ready for your trip, things happen to try us, I know how you feel though, when ever we go away the last few days are so manic. have a great trip and I look forward to hearing all about it when you return…to a spotless home with a shiny kitchen floor !


    1. Hello Dawn, I’ll try to check in whilst we’re away but may not be possible – however you’ll all be sure to hear about it when we return in a few weeks time.


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