You never can tell…………

Here in Melbourne as one season is finishing
Another is beginning
We are in late winter ready to welcome early spring

Today has been fabulous – sunny and dry with a bit of wind
I had sheets and towels and all sorts of other things
out on the big line from early this morning

Jonquils are just about ready to be tied down
for their summer rest and recovery

ready for r&r

There are new red shoots on the roses
They are waking up from their winter snooze
Showing a hint of the beautiful flowers to come

New shoots

Roses all the way

All was looking good when I took these photos at the weekend
I was beginning to think spring was really on its way

Then yesterday the cold front came through
With it came thunder and lightning
a huge temperature drop
gale force winds – torrential rain
and hail 😦

Hail on rose bed

When you live in Melbourne known for being able to give you
‘four seasons in one day’
you have to accept whatever turns up lol

Maybe spring will arrive properly next week 🙂

7 thoughts on “You never can tell…………

  1. Hello there Cathy! Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m so glad to have found your blog again. We are heading towards the end of summer here, but we’re lucky to have had some decent summer weather for the first time in years, so I don’t feel too badly about the onset of autumn.


  2. I love August on the mainland USA, because all the trees are green and the flowers bloom in profusion. You can have Winter, which I hate. Never liked snow in New York, where I lived for 5-1/2 years as a music student.


  3. Your spring is our autumn. Though it is a bit early, I have seen some trees trying to turn a few leaves. I’m sure further north there is some color starting.


  4. We are experiencing the same variety of weather here as we change from summer to autumn. I picked up a conker from the pavement the other day. Today it’s been roasting hot, blowing a gale and pouring down.
    Love from Mum


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