Phew, it was touch and go there for a while………

At the end of november last year
I told you a tale
A tale of the demise of the lavender round my washing line

After years of growing well and flowering beautifully it hit a bad patch and I ended up chopping all the bushes to the ground

click to enlarge small photos

2010 (3) 2012 (2)

2012 (4)

Then we had the summer from hell with hot hot days and no rain – then we had the winter from hell with freezing cold days and rain rain rain for weeks on end.
Rain means the washing is dried on the back deck not on the big line
and it’s only these past few days when I’ve been pottering about out there
I’ve really looked at those unloved plants

Well lookee here – it would seem all is not lost 🙂

2013 (1)

My lavender (or at least some of it) lives to see another day 🙂

The plants on the left seem to have recovered and are coming on a treat
The plants on the right face away from the sun – well, what little we’ve had during winter.
There are a few little green tips on most of the ones on the right
so if I trim the ones on the left and give the righthand ones some special care
it’s possible they will grow well and maybe catch up!

You know it’s right what they say If you’re not feeling well and are off colour
Cut back your activities – have a rest
Go out in the fresh air and sunshine
It will do you the power of good !

Just look at my lavender plants lol

Have you had anything to smile and wonder about this weekend?

10 Replies to “Phew, it was touch and go there for a while………”

  1. I have never considered planting around my washing line but brilliant idea. And I guess the plants will benefit from some extra water falling on their heads


  2. Oh! I’m so glad you see signs of life again. I had the same variety of lavender in my front garden and it survived a lot of very dry weather, cold winters etc. It was remarkable really. Good luck with it.


  3. I visited a lavender farm once in Washington state. Beautiful purple as far as the eye could see. Have had a new appreciation for the flower since that day.


  4. I remember how sad you were to think you had lost the lavender and I celebrate with you the hope of its return. Woohoo! This weekend I did a major thing. I made my first trip alone since Ron’s death. I drove to a small reunion of some of my high school friends 3 1/2 hours away and visited my daughter in her home. Not a big deal to some but a major step for me. It went well.


  5. In my experience, lavender is easy to grow at first and then fizzles out from too much shade, too much water, not enough water or something else. Apparently they prefer France with its lime soil. This winter, try pouring garden lime all over the remaining plant until it is thoroughly dusted and then hopefully it will be happly in spring.


  6. I can relate to your lavender story. I had a beautiful lush plant and then…. I didn’t. Mine did not come back to life. Hubby bought two plants for our anniversary present last year and they survived the winter but are not growing that well. I think they have gotten too much rain. No blooms yet. On another matter, I find it a sad thing that it takes someone else having a worse problem (a back problem!!!) to make us realize that a broken arm isn’t so bad. I had to laugh (sort of) at your post on my my blog. I was able to get to the toilet paper with my left hand but I could not tear it off so I had to put my head on it to hold it still.


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