One of life’s little pleasures……..

Sitting in his armchair with his feet in a bowl of warm soapy water my Dad would lean back and say ‘This is one of my life’s little pleasures’.  
I won’t go into detail over what Mum would say when he sloshed the water over the edge of the plastic sheet the bowl was sat on lol

So as I was growing up I often used to wonder what mine would be 
‘Life’s little pleasures’ that is.

There must be a little bit of me Dad in me because some of you will remember I’ve  mentioned on more than one occasion how comfortable I feel around water.
Put me near a beach and I’m so laid back I’m almost comatose lol

The Bathing Beauties

The Bathing Beauties 1872
Frederick Arthur Bridgman
1847 – 1928
sold by Christie’s $31,000

Mind you put me in a bath of water and I’m ecstatic 🙂
(Hint Hint)

Most Mums know that when children are little it is hard to ‘get away from them’
(meant in a nice way)
No showers in England in the 1960s so when ours were small quick dips seemed to be the norm –  in the evenings when I knew The Golfer was there in case someone cried
However once they were all at school a whole new tradition began.

Our TV was on a rolling trolley in the 1970s with rabbit ears aerial
Soaps were on at lunchtime
Water running, TV rolled close to bathroom door
kettle on, sandwich made and I was set for an hours soak

 Of course come the 1980s I was back at work
And all that stopped :(-
Life was more hectic – showers were the order of the day.

Now however it’s relaxation all the way
No tv watching these days – but Radio, Book and Coffee
and maybe a sandwich or cake
or even some chocolate lol

 So there you are – I’m sure you’ve guessed
One of my life’s little pleasures is having a bath 🙂


 What’s yours??

19 thoughts on “One of life’s little pleasures……..

  1. What a lovely read this is Cathy. Soaking in a tub is definitely one of life’s little pleasures. Another for me is having a lovely walk where there are flowers nearby, wild flowers or cultivated.


  2. Cathy, I believe you have successfully captured the very essence of life itself. My life’s pleasure right now is sitting in my comfy chair reading and with our little pup Bella nestled in my lap. All is right with the world!


    1. Sounds good to me Al – I have a brown burmese shadow called Kieras who thinks one of her little pleasures is to commandeer my lap lol


  3. Oh dear, you would not want to visit me. We have three bathrooms. Two have showers and the third is only a half bath no tub or shower. There is not a bathtub in our home. Yikes!


    1. Well now what do we have here – a bathless home! Actually more and more houses here are becoming bathless – terrible waste of space they say.


  4. I have both a bath and a shower. I still like a soak in the bath, but have to be careful. On one side I have a metal hip and a dodgy knee and hip on the other. Living alone makes climbing in and out a little difficult at times. I might bring a radio but a phone in case I need help is more important. 😦


    1. Oh dear grannymar – how do you cope going through airport security. Don’t think that would be a pleasure in your eyes.
      Seriously tho, I gave up bathing for a while last year when my back was a problem so I understand your caution.


      1. I have not actually flown since the hip was replaced, but the hospital gave me a card and I carry it with me at all times. Lightening is more of a worry to me!


  5. I’m with you cathy, a soak in the tub. I also love curling up with a book hot choc and the fire roaring while outside its thundering. That is bliss too


  6. Truly a great post. I would love to take a long soaking bath, but these American tubs (I live with an older tub) are not as nice as those large British tubs we used on our travels overseas. So, most days, I take a shower. Not the same. As for my favorite thing, sitting in my armchair, reading with a cup of coffee in the morning or tea in the evening is almost heaven. Dianne


    1. Have to agree with you on the size of baths in various countries – and you should see what constitutes a bath on a cruise ship (in the cheap seats that is).
      Not a coffee lover but do give out a long sigh when my cup of tea turns out just right !
      Hope you enjoy your meal with Gigi and Denise


  7. I love a long hot bath, too, so why don’t I do it more often? I asked myself that on a blog post a few years back. Take a peek if you have time.
    Another indulgence (that I MAKE time for) is my daily dessert after lunch. Today was peach shortcake (a simple dessert shell, peaches from a jar, and mounds of whipped cream topping).
    I like your 1970s pleasure. I can see you setting up for the tub, food, and the soaps. Glad you had that time. 🙂
    I like the images you chose.


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