They say this is Progress………….

Still talking about libraries – remember me mentioning  the large electronic book return system that was installed in the big library?

Well I thought you’d like to see what progress actually looks like lol

This is what now confronts you when entering the lobby
What you do is place the book in the opening where the beam reads the bar code
The screen tells you the book has been recorded as returned.

Looking through the window into the library proper you can see the other end of the book return along with the bins waiting for their ‘droppings’
Well thats how I heard one old lady describe it the day I took these snaps lol


I also began to wonder if I was at the racetrack because standing beside me was a mother entertaining her children – they were watching the books move along the conveyor belt before they actually went into the library and this is what I heard.
“And there’s what looks like a paperback making its way along to the end – wonder what the lucky number was and where its heading off to”


And here is the view from inside the libary


Bit stark isn’t it
It must be good for the staff to have the space they need to sort but it seems very impersonal.  There are librarians about the place but with staff cutbacks they are becoming fewer and fewer
Shame isn’t it 😦

Information on
Croydon Library

Heres a link to photos taken during the recent renovations and refurbishment

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16 thoughts on “They say this is Progress………….

  1. Yep we have all that in our library too…. I hate it, the whole thing is humanless and yet books and reading are not.



  2. I suppose we have to accept it – personally I’d like to see our taxes at work on the road outside the library building


  3. Wow, we have the electronic book return but not so hightech. We place them on a bookshelf after processing. I guess our library is much smaller but I think maybe I prefer it that way 🙂


  4. Where are the people or should I say where are the robots? We’ll soon have machines to read the books for us.
    Love from Mum


  5. It doesnt look like a library, it looks like some sort of factory. Libraries are warm places a bit dark and homey. With looks of nook and crannies where you can hide and read and just go to another place for a while. Libraries save my life as a child, these are not those places.


  6. So sad, our local authorities want us to support the library but they make it such a horrible impersonal place to be. Big organisations never seem to actually listen to their customers and then wonder why they fail.


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