‘Just in case’……….

My mother was a funny one – at times so tight with her money and yet so free at others.  She had a thing about buying things ‘just in case’  – according to her she didn’t stockpile (a dirty word during and just after the war)…….. she would have things on hand – ‘just in case’. 

Not quite as bad or in the same vein as my Irish granny (her mother in law) who I’m sure had saved enough string to go round the world (just in case anyone needed it ) as well as oodles of other ‘useful’ bits and pieces that really weren’t needed at all but she had lived through two wars and a depression so I suppose could be forgiven (except by my aunties when it came to clearing the house out after she died!)

We all try to be a little thrifty at times so when things come on special I’ll pick up extra bits that I know we will use – not actually stockpiling, because to do that properly you have to check dates and rotate oldest to the front and all that and that’s almost like work – these extra bits are for ‘just in case’.

Now do you remember when the only way you get toilet rolls was in double packs?  Then came fours and now anything is possible.  Well on occasion I have picked up a couple of extra packs of the really soft brand we use and left them in the garage – it’s because they come in 20s these days the packs are so large they need to be stored in an old cupboard. 

I popped out there today to bring another pack into the house and …… well it would seem I’ve picked up quite a few extra packs of loo paper over time –  how long do you think it will take us to use 180 rolls of toilet paper??

Buying in bulk – ‘just in case’ – good idea or not 🙂

Little bit IMG_7007of trivia – this is printed on the inside of the cardboard roll –
Quilton loves your bum lol


11 thoughts on “‘Just in case’……….

  1. I remember shopping in the seventies when the sight of a woman emerging from a supermarket nearly invisible behind loaves of bread, or packs of sugar or a mountain of loo rolls would set off a stampede – everyone convinced of imminent shortages.
    My father reckoned the supermarkets sent one of their staff out to encourage trade.

    My husband stockpiles….special offers, in particular, so moving house recently was quite a voyage of discovery.
    How was it we still had three trays of white beans in duck fat…?


    1. Not sure about that one Helen – they may not be in my cupboard but someone obviously likes them…..or thought they might be good to try and then forgot about them lol


  2. I did not go through the depression but I did go through a time of extreme poverty after my divorce from the children’s father. There were two things I never could buy enough of. 1.) Toilet paper 2.) Gasoline. Even with gas prices so high, I still get a chill when I fill the tank because there was a time I could never buy a full tank of gas. I always buy plenty of toilet paper and thought I had a lot on hand at all times but would truly be in heaven with 180 rolls!!!


    1. Oh the times I’ve shook my head when paying for groceries or filling the car and just thought how pleased I am not to be ‘poor’ or raising a family at the moment.
      It’s going to be hard to walk past the display when they are on special next time!


  3. I am actually all for a bit of bulk buying but only when you really manage it. I have sorted out my larder this year and have wasted some things which I thought were a good deal. At least looroll wont go off! (or out of fashion!)


    1. It’s the managing bit that I always found hard – it was so annoying finding things I’d forgotten and were really out of date especially years ago when we were hard up.


    1. That’s good if it works for you – there are times when it’s not really economical for us. I do buy large joints of beef or packs of meat that I can cut/divide into better portions and freeze but it’s more for my benefit and isn’t necessarily cheaper.


  4. Haha well your set for toilet paper if the end comes. I didn’t live through the depression but having been raised by my granny andnhearing stories of the wars, and depression I too now buy things just in case. My children think I’m crazy but when the poo hits the fan they will be glad I have extra paper to go around lol


  5. Your post made me smile. I have never thought to look inside a loo roll to see if anything was printed there! But I read your post today after I had just bought laundry detergent for the year! It was on sale at a very, very good price and it was the brand I like to use. I won’t have to go out for that in the middle of winter!


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