We’ve arrived!!

This is what I saw on a cold winter’s day several weeks ago when I pruned the roses A few little green shoots Just coming up – a hint of things to come 🙂Here they come Then a few weeks later on a sunnier day – looking far more vigorous and healthy IMG_6826 Then there were the bulging buds – a bigger hint – the beginnings of what was to comeIMG_6827 Well they’ve arrived – they promised and they are delivering1 It’s almost as if they are saying – ‘We’ve arrived and to prove it we’re here’ 2 Todays Flowers Denise Even tho we are still having cold wet winter days Sights like this have to be a hint that Spring is not far away Don’t you think??

Todays Flowers – flowers from around the world can be found here http://flowersfromtoday.blogspot.com.au/

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11 thoughts on “We’ve arrived!!

  1. Hi there – I think we may have seen the worst that this winter can offer – but thats a brave prediction in Melbourne!

    Cheers – Stewart M


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