The Weather Man said…………………

There was just a small chance of showers
So we went for a drive
Just a little way up the road
Into the Valley
(All photos enlarge with a click)

Vineyard hills

Into the Yarra Valley that is
Past the vineyards where the roadside Wattle was beginning to bloom

Vineyard Wattle

Along the Maroondah Highway
Past the wineries that line either side of the road
(And are hard to photograph travelling at 100kph/62mph lol)

Vineyard sky

Past the sheep grazing in the paddocks on the roadside
Who are also hard to photograph in a fast moving car lol

Sheep on the roadside

Past the vineyards where the pruning gangs
had been working  – maybe in the past week
(in the rain)

Vineyard trees

There was nobody to be seen
so it looked like they were enjoying a day of rest
Even tho’ the weather man had said
There was just a small chance of showers 🙂

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