Daily Life

One thing led to another……………….

It was the last thing I wanted to do
But when it slipped from my hands I realised I just had to
And then before I knew it one thing led to another
I had to enlist The Golfer’s help for a short while
But it was worth it

Clean Curtains – Sparkling Clean Windows
Very Clean Floor – visible and invisible
Clean Walls – Clean Paintwork
Tidy Shelves
The things you have to do
when something drops down the side of the washing machine 🙂

Have you moved any furniture recently??

12 thoughts on “One thing led to another……………….”

    1. It wasn’t that much of a cloudy day really – and the cash was mine. Does mean baring accidents I will smile each time I put the washer on knowing I won’t have to pull it out for a while (or the fridge/freezer) 🙂


  1. My 17 year old daughter went to Spain and France. While she was gone, I decided to clean her bathroom. Her pole shower caddy was broken, so I went to the store to buy another which I then had to assemble and install. Also, when I opened the cabinet under the sink, it was piled with stuff. New portable shelves took care of that. Two drawers were stuffed too, and had makeup stains. A trip to my attic for small plastic containers took care of that along with my scrubbing of the drawer floors. Hmmm… I think that was it.
    Oh, I forgot-I unscrewed the tub drain to clean the dreaded hair out.
    No furniture moved, but certainly a task equivalent to yours! Let’s pat ourselves on the back. 🙂


      1. lol!
        She noticed, but it was not the quite the excitement that I wanted to hear. We left the very next day for the beach, which is where we are now, so I’ll give her another chance to express her extreme appreciation when we get back.
        To give her a little credit, she was thankful.


  2. No and I know it needs doing. Thanks for making me feel guilty. Lol I’ll get the hubby to help me too!


  3. Your kitchen looks lovely Cathy. It reminds me that I need to do a bit of cleaning myself today:). I especially need to move the washer and dryer so that I can clean under them. Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.


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