Changes happen – they go on all the time
whether we like them or not
Usually it’s the ones we didn’t have a hand in that we don’t like lol

For instance……………….

My GP has employed a new receptionist – not happy Jan!  Very abrupt young woman (well girl really) doesn’t have any bedside (front desk) manners – you can hear her talking on the phone………loudly…….to other medical practices about patients.   She has the radio turned up loud…………….so we can’t hear her I suppose but all that does is make her speak louder because she can’t hear! 😦

Our little library close by has changed its system for checking out books meaning they are now inline with all the other libraries in the group ……..scan the books yourself ………..similar to ‘do it yourself – pay at the till’ many big stores are utilising.   The main central branch now has a check the book in yourself system – slide the book onto the converyor belt and it gets checked in as it goes under the scanner……………..we can return books to any library in the group so the belt sort of tips when it gets to the library where the book belongs and it’s slid into a box so its ready to be returned.  No more sorting for the librarians to do and No more time to have a little chat with the librarian when you check out or check in books at the desk 😦

Now a big change we instigated ourselves has meant we won’t be going to Queensland this winter but have decided to visit The Golfer’s aunt in Nova Scotia instead.  She turns 90 in September and our original plans to visit were all up in the air because of my back problems last year so we thought we’d just go up to Queensland instead …………………however all has been well this year (no sciatica pain, no numbness or weakness in the legs on walking) ………… just a few weeks ago I sorted out some flights.  We will be on our way next month to spend time with the cousins and their families in the Annapolis Valley as well as Newfoundland.   It’s a change I don’t mind and one I’m sure I’ll mention again in the next five weeks before we leave lol

And here’s a change that had me laughing – As I came out of the libarary a couple of Tuesdays ago I saw these ‘sweet looking’ miniature poodles standing there by the door, looking around and waiting so patiently.

Mini P 2Mini P 1

 Then what do I see as I came out the door this Tuesday tied up to the same post but these Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the rear end of what I think is a ‘Westy’ (West Highland Terrier)   Such a very different scene – yes that is a white rear end lol



Try as I might there was no way I could get the group to face the same way at the same time – they just didn’t seem to know how.  That funny little westy was going round in circles not knowing where to face lol

I moved on before the owner came out and accused me of confusing her little ones!

How do you cope with changes – big or small?

19 thoughts on “Changes………………………..

  1. We have cracking library here. Bit short of books I suppose, but the system and the librarians are great. Remember those old fashioned tickets inside the book that get slotted inside a library card thing, and they all get filed in date order? That’s what we have. Plus I got to take out a reference book and plus they don’t enforce the fines (penny a day). Oh, and it’s just over the road from me too. I love my library.

    When Pippa was writing more on his dog blog he had some husky pals who used to give lessons on how NOT to look at the camera. I suspect your subjects must have been reading the same blog 😉


    1. No card pockets left in any of the books – however I had book on loan from a country branch and stuck in the front was one of those sheets that had date stamps on them!


      1. Oh, we have those too of course 🙂 It really is nice I tell you. Should have used it for the wordpress nostalgia photochallenge as it really does take me back. I do love it, I have to say. Your system sounds a nightmare 😦


  2. I work in a library that still does things the old way and we get to chat with everyone. Funny, my dentist has a new receptionist and it’s not the same any more there! It’s great that you’re coming to Nova Scotia! If you get to the Halifax area, would you like to meet up?


    1. First time I saw her I thought she was a temp – and was surprised she was still there when I went back the other day for results – seems the previous older one ( well mature one) has retired and she is the replacement. I’m wondering how long she’ll really last as the bulk of the practice is families and retirees both of whom don’t take any nonsense and aren’t backwards in coming forwards and complaining lol
      I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, after loads of visits over the years I think this might be our last time so will spend most of it with The Golfer’s aunt and family – we do have two weeks planned for Nfld ( a return visit to see some of the things we missed 3 years ago) Will see how things go but I can’t promise anything


  3. I wondered what you were doing still in Victoria. I expect lots of photos from you trip. I love the library, I haven’t been I years, I keep getting free books on my kindle


    1. I have ebooks on the ipad Angela but I still find I enjoy the feel of a real book. Trying to read an ebook in bed is a nightmare as the ‘book’ keeps turning lol


  4. Oh, I love those cute poodles and would love to own one someday when we stop traveling. As for the library, I buy books on my Kindle. Changes? Yes, my hubby quit his job and wonders about his future.


    1. Agree with you that you’ve had quite a change in circumstances recently Gig – hope all fares well for you both. Do you enjoy reading on the Kindle – don’t miss the feel of a book? As I said to Angela I still enjoy a proper book


    1. I am so looking forward to coming back Maurice – but we’ll not be there (in Nfld) until just before the holiday weekend and by that time I’m sure summer will have been and gone lol Last time (same time of the year) we froze – I have photos of us on Western Brook Pond and up at L’Anse aux Meadows in coats and hats and gloves. Ok if your walking and on the move like we did at Grose Morne but nippy around town. We missed the NS cyclone oops sorry hurricane (Earl) and then got back to the mainland just before the Nfld one (Igor) hit.
      Take care


      1. Ah yes, Igor: kindly removed the roof from my shed and took down a couple of lines of fence. The fence is fixed and sometime over the next few weeks I will finally have to get around to replacing the temporary fix to my shed roof with a whole new roof. I procrastinate about stuff like that as the last time I did the shed roof I wound up needing cortisone in each elbow. Not easy lugging sheets of plywood up a ladder onto a roof by yourself 😦 You never know about the weather here. Frequently late August is awesome. It tends to be either really good or really bad; nothing in-between. If you happen to be near St. John’s let me know–it’d be nice to meet in person.


  5. Very cute dog shots Cathy. Change can be good and sometimes not so good. i usually take a while to get used to change. The biggest change in our lives is that Gregg has retired and we both seem to be adapting very well and enjoying it tremendously. No time constraints! We don’t have to rush hither and thither to get back from anywhere.


  6. I have no patience, anymore, I would be mentioning the loud receptionist to the Dr. my first encounter. That is just rude and other patients don’t need to hear the particulars about other patients either.

    I would miss the librarian… Cute dogs…


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