Don’t you just love it ………

When the achievement of a young 19 old representing his country for the first time is number one item on the national news. –

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THE greatest innings by a No 11 batsman in the history of Test cricket ended just two runs short of the most astonishing century on debut as 19-year-old Ashton Agar last night turned the Ashes Test at Trent Bridge entirely on its head.

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Not even falling two runs short of a century on debut could dim the smile on Ashton Agar’s face, and England spent the evening session at Trent Bridge trying to recover from seeing the teenaged No.11 whisk away control of the first Test.

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Of course this is only the first game in a summer of cricket and there is a long way to go till the end of the last test in August at The Oval – plus there are many games in the UK after that according to this schedule –

So lets give him a pat on the back and wish him  luck in the rest of his cricket career
Go Ashton – you’ve even got me running around this morning with a smile on my face 🙂

PS – He even has his own page on wikipedia –

9 thoughts on “Don’t you just love it ………

  1. I’m obviously batting for the other side, Cathy, but I can share your admiration for this young man’s achievement. I look forward to seeing him play in the rest of the tour.
    Thanks for coming over to give me a nudge to get back into action myself – have done so!


  2. I’m glued to Test Match Special…and hasn’t this young man made the Test really special.
    That’ll ‘learn’ England to be so over confident….

    So pleased for him.


    1. Yes each country seems to have “a way about themselves ” that can put the other on edge. And then there’s the umpires! Look at today’s fiasco – that little nick definitely took place and he should have been out! Vaughan Brosd that is!


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