Pssst….fancy a bargain….


Information sent from a friend

Real Good Opportunities at Best Bargains Galore  

ipads for sale

Hello everyone

If you are interested in getting an ipad I can get hold of them through a contact

Now these are legit, not off the back of a truck

They are from a cancelled hospital contract due to the governments cutbacks

However the numbers are limited

I have 20 going for less than half the price so it’s first come, first served

I have already sold one
(see pic below)

Get back to me quick as you can if you want one

Full spec. as below:

eye pad for sale

You know what they say
– laugh and the world laughs with you – 
Cry and you cry alone

Now you wouldn’t want to be lonely would you?? 

13 thoughts on “Pssst….fancy a bargain….

  1. Very funny Cathy. It’s always good to laugh. ps I’m enjoying the book you recommended re the time traveller cyclist. It’s very entertaining and well written.


  2. I laughed right away. I showed your post to GN. She said “What’s with the eye patch?” I had to clarify . . . Then she laughed. I guess quit wit comes with age.


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