Oh what a week and a bit it has been ……………………….

Well it’s been a couple of the coldest weeks of the winter so far – nights that had me cuddled up to The Golfer – and days that were almost like summer.  Freezing overnight and up to 17c/ 62f some afternoons!

One of the day started with one person leading the country (Julia Gillard) and finished with another – not a brand new one but a recycled one (Kevin Rudd) – all done legally and with no blood letting either (well that we could see that is!). 

All is square in the Rugby League scene after the second State of Origin match – this time round Queensland beat NSW so the decider will be played in Sydney on July 17.

Rugby Union has been in the limelight with the Wallabies (Australia) taking on The British and Irish Lions.  It was even stevens after two tests and the series went to the Lions after the Sydney game – The Lions only tour Australia every 12 years so there is a bit of a wait for those who can’t get overseas to see them play before then. 

Now we all know the population is getting top heavy with more older people than younger – lots of government services are starting to feel the demand – it seems that demands are also going to be felt in other parts of our community.  Lots of our ‘prison community’ will be elderly and last week this idea of ‘Prisons for the Elderly’ was suggested.  How do you feel about that??

With all the high winds we’ve had over the past week or two next door’s old oak tree had finally lost all its leaves – and I’ve discovered that there is one messy part of the garden near the side fence to be dealt with.  That fence line looks so bare yet when the tree is in full leaf you hardly notice it.  We need some dry days so I can finish raking all the leaves and moving the bits and pieces back to where they normally live.

I had started the clean up this morning and look what I saw – spring bulbs are on their way up.  There are heads on some and I even picked one bloom that had flowered. 



Not much else in the garden except my trusty helper – and she tends to ignore me half the time lol


Thanks for all your recent comments – hope life has been good for you this past couple of weeks!

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7 thoughts on “Oh what a week and a bit it has been ……………………….

  1. Good Morning or whatever is is! Wondered where you were – I see know that you have been watching rugby and politics! Good for you! Stay warm now!


  2. We’re sweltering here in England! I don’t say that very often. Keep warm Cathy. It was an interesting post from you today with lots of links. I must admit, I’ve never really thought about prisons for the elderly before. Actually it’s a good idea. They have their aches and pains too of course.


  3. Yes it has been cold, I even had the second fire lit there for a few days! But the days have been very sunny and we really cannot complain about that. Stay warm cathy xxx


  4. I was listening to an ex Irish Lions star complaining about the dropping of one of the team for that final match. He was rather annoyed, but it seems like it was the right decision!


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