Happy Birthday Baby Brother (and little sister too)

It was the summer of 1954 – there was a new kid on the block.  Mum and Dad got the son they had waited many years for – us girls got a baby brother.

He arrived the day my little sister Patsy turned 4 – having to share your birthday with someone else can be a bit of problem for some people – I’m not sure how she felt about it then – but I’ve never heard Patsy make mention of it and how she may have been affected over the years.

And just by chance, I recently discovered our Gt Gt Gt Grandfather was also born on July 1st – mind you his birthday was in 1807, 147 years earlier 🙂

It wasn’t until later in life I found out that I shared the same birthdate as my grandfather – wish I’d known earlier – I would have loved to have felt more connected to him.  He lived across the water from us in Belfast and we only saw him on very rare occasions.

So this is Us at the Pool July 1954

Move forward many years – this is Us in the Pub Summer 2000.
Slight difference eh??
Notice we are in the same order – Bobby the neat and tidy one, me the oldest one, Patsy the curly haired one and Jeff who turned out to be the biggest and tallest one of us all !

Now its difficult for us all to be together under the same roof at the same time – what with one in Australia and another in Cyprus.  Two still live close to each other and do get together at the pub to celebrate their birthdays but not on the same day tho’ lol

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby Brother (and little sister too)

  1. It is nice to be able to get together and celebrate birthdays as we move on in years. My eldest brother and I have birthdays four years and two days apart. When we were young we had one cake and one candle on the day between our birthdays. Even this year we managed to meet up during the birthday week to share a coffee plus cupcake with a candle in it!


  2. That was a lovely post. So nice to see your happy faces celebrating your togetherness. I hope you get the chance to do that again soon.


  3. We recently has our first Aussie born in the famly. My brother’s oldest daughter who lives near Sydney has a boy on her father’s birthday. He is thilled to have her deliver such a nice birthday gift.


  4. Nice post, Cathy. I share my birthday with DH, and my Son-in-law. My 3rd son shares his with about 5-6 people I know. My youngest shares with an uncle.

    Happy Birthday to Patsy and Jeff!


  5. Happy birthday to your sister and brother. It’s lovely you are all so close even if you are separated by distance. xxx


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