It’s on days like this ……………..

I begin to wonder if hibernation would be a good thing lol
Wednesday morning we couldn’t see further than our noses


And we had a Brass Monkey morning today

Well -2c / about 29f in our eyes is Brass Monkey weather
It was just a little bit frosty and ‘Lance’ did not approve at all lol
(if you want you can click to see the big picture)

 However there is one good thing
Today is June 21st, it is the shortest day here in Victoria
and the time of the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere

We all know what that means 🙂
From now on our days (hours of sunlight) will gradually grow and the nights with their hours of darkness will decrease.
 Normally we’d be preparing for our trek to the warmer weather in Queensland and I did mention this a little while ago – however things have changed and I’ll tell you about that another day.

But in the meantime – here’s to warmer days!! 

6 thoughts on “It’s on days like this ……………..

  1. As you look forward to the longer days, we sadden as ours will get shorter. I do love the light, the same as you. Take a nap – you’ll have lots of sun before you know it! 🙂


  2. Two fires still going and I think will be for a few days yet. I rather cold than hot but this is too cold for me. Stay warm cathy xxx


  3. As I type, we are 10 hours into the longest day. The sky above me is white, the ground has been washed by nature’s shower and I have yet to locate the yellow object hiding in the clouds. A high of 13°C is the best we can expect. Enjoy your day!


  4. Cathy
    I have just realised you were missing form my reader changeover too. I thought you were very quiet. I missed you


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