Walkies anyone??

I woke Sunday a bit tired and grumpy from the lack of sleep (see previous post) – the morning was bright and sunny with  just a few black clouds over the hills – just the way it should be to walk all your troubles away – so I took myself off down to the little park. IMG_6790



 I managed to amble around and discovered the pond aka ‘the wetlands’ had filled from all the recent rain and what was better still was that the Purple Swamphens had come out of hiding and were mooching around the side.   They tend to wander about away from the edge (out of harms way) and because of their colouring can be hard to see in amongst the reeds – and even tho’ my camera doesn’t take marvellous pictures I try to get something to remember the day by. 3




When the clouds were getting thicker on the mountain (The Dandenongs) I decided it was time to head home and this is what greeted me as I came round the corner.  It was decidedly darker up there – heavens opened not long after! 


Not quite so tired and grumpy 
a hot chocolate and the walk put paid to all that

I hope you enjoyed your weekend

10 thoughts on “Walkies anyone??

  1. Lovely country there! The swamp hens are beautiful. Never have seen those before. Yes a good walk can help chase the grumpies away.


  2. Interestingly enough, your walk about looks very similar to one of the parks GN and I walk through, except for the purple swamphens and the mountains. I’m glad the walk helped to cheer you.


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