Chocolate understands………….

 chocolate love
Cause and Effect
Snoring and various other sound effects like steam engine, sniffing and snorting noises emanating from a certain person’s snout.
Said person’s sleeping partner unable to sleep, making them sh’itty and snarly and causing them to shout out – speak harshly or even simply say sharply (depending on how long it’s been going on) – some specifically nasty words sounding like
“Shove over, Shut Up or Ship Out To the Spare Bed”
I know that didn’t sound nice – but I’m not feeling nice today!!
Wonder why 😦
Now where’s the chocolate -I know there’s some in the house somewhere!
Send for Chocolate
How do you cope when you are tired and grumpy?

11 thoughts on “Chocolate understands………….

  1. I sleep with a chronic snorer and yes there err many days I get very cranky. He is so bad that when he goes on boys trips away they draw straws and the looser has to share a room with him. This is from other men that snore!


    1. The Golfer came back from a trip once and complained about his room mate – I was going to say something about the pot calling the kettle black but though better of it – mind you I might just get the tape recorder out one night!


  2. I was the snorer. Sleep study diagnosed severe sleep apnea. Now sleep with no more snoring. My children ridiculed my snoring but Ron called it purring. Chocolate is one of God s greatest gifts.


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