Disappointing ending ………………..

Thats how I felt about the book I finished last week

The Last Runaway

The week just gone was a mixture – some dry sunny inviting days and some cold wet miserable sit indoors days – and coupled with that feeling of being not quite right thanks to the cold I was carrying (see previous post) – meant I spent some of the time rugged up outside quietly putting some of the roses to bed for the winter and some other time indoors curled up with my latest borrowing from the library

Some may remember my delight last year at finding a new (well new to me) author – Tracy Chevalier – and how I fell in love with the books I read in Queensland.  I related the story in this post and then after we got home went on to hunt down more of her books in our home libary.  She writes a novel that is based on historical facts – not dry uninteresting reading but reading that seems to hold you from the word go. 

So I’ve learned about fossil hunting, Dutch painters and their methods, William Blake and life in 18th century London, flemish weavers, family history and life in 16th century France.  Edwardian London is covered in Falling Angels, and recently I discovered there is a copy in a rural library and that is being sent over soon – cross your fingers it doesn’t take too long because, well you know what it’s  like with Melbourne winters – they are either glorious or yucky.  Glorious I can take – yucky I can’t lol 

I was really good and didn’t look at any reviews of her latest book which I knew dealt with Quaker migration, quilting and life in Ohio during the 1850s as well as slavery and the underground railway and that meant I started to read with an open mind.  The Last Runaway was an easy read and held my attention and as with all of her previous novels was finished in a couple of days – but I was so disappointed with the ending.  Turning the pages I was wondering how they (the two central characters) would solve their problems and then it ended – they just packed up and left town – moved on to another part of the country. 

Her previous novels are listed here 
I’m just wondering what the subject of her next book will be!

If you like historical fiction you’ll enjoy this blog

Tracy explains researching for her books here



7 thoughts on “Disappointing ending ………………..

  1. I read her book about fossil hunting and really liked it. I recently read John Grisham’s The Appeal and found the ending disappointing also. It did captivate me until the end though which is what good books are supposed to do; however I do not like for them to end abruptly – without solving the issues.


  2. Is it possible she plans on a sequel sometime down the road?
    Tooting my own horn, a bit – have you looked at my ‘Julia’ ?
    I’m sure it is NOT perfect, but based from 1909 on and I did a LOT of research.
    You can get a sample from the site. I like ‘Old Timey’ stuff myself.


  3. It is so disappointing when there’s a lame ending to a book especially after you have enjoyed books by the same author. Hope the next one you read ends well.
    Love from Mum


  4. I hate that, have you ever read Scarlett,the sequel to gone with the wind? It does the same thing, it like she realised the book was very long and she finished it really quickly. Up until th last few chapters it was really very good. Oh well you cannot have everything I suppose. Stay warm and dry xxx


  5. You definitely need all the ends to be tied up in a story. That was a shame, perhaps a bit of feedback to the Author?
    Haven’t visited for a while, so will do some catching up. Hope all’s well in your part of Victoria – lashings of rain over here in East Gippsland at the moment.
    Cheers for now :D)


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