It started with………….

Well I’m not quite sure what
It could have been a wayward sneeze or even a touch of a hand
It definitely wasn’t a kiss from a stranger!

It made itself known to me early last week
Itchy eyes, runny nose, a couple of sneezes of my own
Yes – it was that thing called ‘The Common Cold’

Now we have progressed to  
Oh, my nose is all blocked up
Oh dear, I feel so tired 
Oh, my thoat feels like it has a razor blade stuck in there somewhere.

All the old home remedies are being used
Hot water – Lemon juice – Honey – Paracetamol – my favourite Cough Mixture – Eucalyptus Oil on a tissue 
I know they make me feel good – but not quite as good as a long hot bath

Have you seen those photos of the Japanese Macaque Apes aka Japanese Snow Monkeys – the ones who spend part of the winter hanging around in hot poolsMACACA FUSCATA

They all seem to have a peacesful expression on their faces – they are enjoying the moment.  That lovely feeling of warmth all around – easing tired bones and muscles – feeling all the cares of the day just rolling off their shoulders

Well thats just how I’ve felt each evening as I’ve soaked in the bath before I went to bed.  Now if I could just find out who it was who shared their germs with me I’d tell them to stay home just the same as I have had to do this past week.

I’ll see you all another day


6 thoughts on “It started with………….

  1. Feel better soon, it sounds like your getting on top of it. If it lasts too long you may need some antibiotics to help get rid of my infection you may have. Xxx


  2. Sorry about your cold, I know they are miserable. Sounds like you are doing what you can do! What better reason to stay in bed and read? Take care now.


  3. I’m the same as gigihawaii. No colds in quite a while and I’m knocking on wood too. Sorry you are under the weather and hope you’re feeling lots better soon.


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