Viewing that kept me Happy

Television doesn’t play a large part in my life – there is one in the lounge room and it’s usually on for part of the day – often there’s not a lot there that I’m interested in – and looking at the daily offerings on some of the stations I have to remind myself ‘its not right it’s not wrong, it’s just different’ and it’s a good job we don’t all like the same things lol

That being said there were a couple of programmes that cropped up on recent cold wet miserable days in May that kept me glued to the screen.  Both were documentary type programmes, neither of which I’d heard anything about before and both involved children, music and dancing – some of my favourite ‘likes’!

Climbed Every Mountain – The story behind The sound of Music
Introduced by Nicholas Hammond 
Nicholas Hammond
 who played the eldest son Friedrich in the movie
and here is where I hang my head and admit I was unaware that
The Von Trapp family were real 😦
a real life family on whose life the stage musical and the film were based 

Mad Hot Ballroom
Mad Hot Ballroom
There are lots of schemes that are supposed to help children become more confident and develop a better trust in themselves and their community
Teaching 11 yr old children who live in ‘not the best suburbs’ of New York to ballroom dance and then enter them in competitions has to be the most unusual one I have heard of.
It is one I liked. 

Note to myself – drinking several cups of hot chocolate means you use the breaks sensibly or get annoyed at yourself because you can’t hang on any longer and miss some of the film lol

And then there was the Date I had with The Golfer
a mid morning showing at the local picture house
where seniors are well looked after
with greatly reduced prices AND a free hot drink !

We went to see.

There were days recently when it took a lot to make me smile 
Quartet made me do that as well as laugh and think and even shed a tear or two
As well as recognising the main cast there was also the ‘spot the star moments’
You know – oh, what’s his/her name and what did we see him/her in??
The reminders were in the credits as well as loads of other fascinating information

What did you enjoy watching in May?

5 thoughts on “Viewing that kept me Happy

  1. I remember going to see the movie. I still remember the beautiful views one the “Hills”, alive.


  2. I watched the actual movie, The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews, but have not seen the documentary. In May, I mainly watched sports and the news. I’m not a movie or TV addict, though my hubby is.


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