Window Dressing # 7 Today’s Flowers

So here it is the first day of June and you can tell I’m feeling better – a bright sunny morning and clean windows yesterday sent me outside and had me scouring the garden for a few flowers to brighten up the kitchen window sill.  Sadly there’s not a lot out there at the moment 😦


So into a vase went a single late rose bloom (name unknown) – some brachyscome – a few tiny fuschia from the huge bush beside the deck (also unknown) and tiny coloured leaves from the japanese maple.  2Purple flowered Lasiandra went into the other one.


I thought I’d lost the purple flowered Lasiandra aka Tibouchina because it was so dry over summer but it has decided that this is not its last year. The plant itself is hard to photograph – I’ve had it in the garden for years and it seems to come and go – it died right down to bare branches one year during the drought so I cut it to the ground meaning to come back and dig it out – then when the rains came I found it had shot back up again!

There are always some nick nacks there
(as well as other assorted bits and pieces)
Hey, I’m of a certain age and that’s what we do lol

Curly with the twisted tail sits there with some of his friends to keep him company.  I plonked Santa up the other end – He’s been hanging around since Christmas, he likes the cool weather so whats the point in putting him away.  Shells, big and small keep me going till I get to walk the beach and pick up some more and the garlic is there (probably not the best place for it) so I can see it when I need it.


What we see outside the window are the usual household trappings of recent rainy days – a very large umbrella and washing on the ‘baby’ line.  No fun in hanging it on the big one down in the garden and having to run in and out to rescue it!

It’s been a while since I have taken part in Today’s Flowers 
I hope they don’t mind me combining two posts into one

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10 thoughts on “Window Dressing # 7 Today’s Flowers

  1. I love seeing fresh flowers in a vase. I took a small posy to work today and it sat on the counter to brighten up the Charity shop. I’m trying to dry some roses to make rose petal confetti for my DS’s wedding.


  2. It is still May here. My birthday is June 2 so it will arrive more quickly in Australia. That’s okay, I’m in no hurry to be 67:) All the beautiful flowers around us are being beaten to pieces by the strong storms and tornadoes in our area.


  3. It’s been pouring the proverbial cats dogs and small elephants her for the last couple of days and I am very grateful to maybe get a little into our most depleted dams.
    Lasiandras are tough critters and it is a good thing to let things be even when they look like no-hopers. Amazing what the rains can do.
    I wish I had someone to clean my windows but also being of a certain or uncertain age, I no longer can manage them or much else.
    Always good to bring whatever is getting sodden out there, indoors and enjoy it.
    Nice to see you posting.


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