Casting May Out

Now that the month of May has almost ended and hopefully removed all  those awful feelings of melancholy I sat down today and thought about what I’d actually done during the month.

In a couple of words 
–  Not Much –
Foggy mornings like this didn’t help much 😦
Foggy morning

There was low cloud on The Dandenongs the day I nipped into Montose to get Kiera’s meat.  The tv masts weren’t visible at all and somehow I don’t think there was any sightseeing going on up there either!

Low cloud on the mountains

To add to the wintery feel the car park tree had lost 90% of its leaves
making it look spindly and weak totally unlike its previous appearance

tree in car parkTree Hills in background

Apart from the garage clearout earlier in the month I spent most of my time in the armchair.  Reading – watching tv – knitting – oh and I had a trip to an armchair in the cinema.  Sounds miserable doesn’t it – but really, I did achieve quite a bit during my down time.  Books finished – some interesting programmes watched – more handknits finished.  All of which I’ll tell you about during the week.

What do you do when ‘life gets you down’ and there’s something heavy on your shoulders?

8 thoughts on “Casting May Out

  1. If I knew how to deal with melancholia, I would bottle it and sell it for a million dollars. I guess my secret is to count my blessings, every one of them. When I do that, I feel so grateful to God for his many blessings.


  2. I do as you have done, potter at home, read watch movies and just be. It’s very good for the body and soul. xxx


  3. When I am feeling melancholy I heed advice given to me once ‘Let the world take a turn’ – for it’s usually a passing phase for me but also a chance to re-appraise and re-group. Talking to a good friend always helps and a book is good therapy. I so agree with the advice ‘Just be’.


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