Raining in my Heart

May is not my favourite month – this one is no different to others that have gone before.  The weather has definitely decided it knows which season it belongs to and it has been raining on and off for days. 
Cold and wet and miserable – also not my favourite weather.  

Mother’s Day in Australia is in May and call me a grump but I find all the hoo-ha over Mother’s Day annoying – I dislike the thought of my now grown children having to ponder unnecessarily over a gift for someone who doesn’t really need any more ‘stuff’ when a simple kiss and thank you would suffice – and some of them never seem to get the message.
Mind you this was a gift from our big girl
that I could never turn my nose up at.

Mother's Day Gift

Packaged right to the brim in a box displaying my favourite belief 
Live Laugh Love
was a homemade slice.
Delicious 🙂All that remains

These two pieces are all that remain
And of course on cold rainy days in May we have warm comfort food
Hot dinner for a cold day

That tasted delicious as well !!

6 thoughts on “Raining in my Heart

  1. I had “the talk” with my children quite some time ago. It was difficult, but as I have a limited amount of space and far to many ‘dustables’. I didn’t want to hurt feelings and didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but I did get it through their heads that I would love to hear from them or have them drop by – just not bearing gifts. Mother’s Day comes easier when I don’t have to be gracious about how lovely something is, while thinking ‘where the devil am I going to put it?’

    Your supper looks absolutely like something I could live on! MMmmm!


  2. It has always seemed to me that on Mother’s Day we should celebrate our children and on the children’s birthdays, they should celebrate us:)


  3. G’day Cathy. Now that’s my kind of gift. Love the box and the yummy slice. Take care. Liz…


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