Just finished

After seeing the amount of wool I had accumulated
Mum remarked I’d better do some more knitting 
Well there’s no worries there
Started well before the tidy up
this is what I finished the other day


 I needed a bit of mind stimulation so this boy’s jumper/sweater ended up with a  
Plain front – Variegated back – Striped Sleeves 
(it would be lovely if someone could devise a way to get round sewing all those ends in – I’m sure they’d make a fortune out of it lol)

Oh and the colours of the back here aren’t that dark because the vari has a fawn in the mix very similar to the plain front

There are contrasting collar and cuffs
(and buttons lol)

Heres the inspiration
From an old F W Woolworth Knitting Book that’s been in my stash for at least 50 yrs – think that needs sorting as well lol
The little boy looked the image of our first born
so I had to buy the book to knit it for him didn’t I 🙂

 As you can see this time I only made a neckband and not a proper collar
Being Charity Knitting I don’t know who it’s destined for but I’m sure he or even she will look good in it
Might even have a go at another one sometime

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