Even more than I imagined…..

Well it would appear Autumn has finally arrived – its so much cooler (cold even) overnight – the hottie has come out from summer hibernation and the woollen blanket is on the bed again.  Bert and Cheryl’s trees are turning and the other day I noticed the lovely big one at Montrose (whose name escapes me)  spreading a carpet of leaves in the car park near the kinder.  Looks like heaven just waiting for little ones making their way to Mum’s car – you can just see them messing about kicking the leaves in the air lol

Tree at KinderThose falling leavesTree Hills in background

There have been some wettish days
 – not pouring rain but what I call inconvenient rain –
mostly overnight which is much more convenient 🙂

So far this week there have been
and hopefully will be more of the BOM promised dry sunny days. 

What do you do on those days – decisions decisions – garden or sit and read (am in the middle of Gone Again by Doug Johnstone so you will notice the absence of the H word lol) – No not this time – after tripping over something and realising I could have really hurt myself – I chose to clear out our continuously in a mess garage. 

It’s large enough for one but for the 40 years we’ve lived here I can’t ever remember a car being garaged in there – it’s been used as a ‘play room’ for various kids over the years – the table tennis table just fitted as long as you didn’t get too exuberant! – nowadays there are lots of ‘things’ stored out there hence ‘the no room for a car’ but its possible  Lance  could squeeze in if I rearranged things a bit.

Out I go and at times felt a bit like Leroy
the year we babysat our big girl’s cockateil 
Wondering and then Discovering
Just what was in there lol

Wonder whats in there 

So thats whats in there

Certainly I discovered after opening previously ignored boxes, then removing and sorting it all, I had far more knitting wool/yarn than I knew I had.  Looks like my charity knitting is ok for the next year or so.  Watch this space!!    

A whole lot of knitting thereDishcloths anyone

Dishcloths anyone??

10 thoughts on “Even more than I imagined…..

  1. In grade four–a long time ago–the ‘geography’ course was world studied. We looked at Northern Canada, the Netherlands, the Congo, Peru and Australia. Of course that chapter included sheep stations, tennis and, yes, people going to the beach on Christmas. Us people in Newfoundland have long had a spiritual attachment to Australia for so very many reasons: cultural background, British Navy, prisoners/transportation, communities mostly at the coast, sparse population, resource based economy and on, and on. And yes, most of us know, by heart:
    – Bound for South Australia
    – Farewell to my native land
    – Band played waltzing Matilda (Bogle’s version)
    – Far away in Australia
    – etc.
    Oh, and Australia takes distance education as seriously as do we.
    So now, as we move from spring to summer it’s particularly interesting to see the opposite happen in your beautiful land.


    1. Yes Maurice there is a lot of the country that has access to School of the Air. So necessary for the youngsters out in the bush – and after that it’s off to boarding school for many of them.


  2. It will soon be summer here and we have barely had any spring. Love the cat discovering your charge. We kept a friend’s parakeet once and it died while on our watch, Not a pleasant memory. Wish I could be one of your “charities”:)


    1. You know Annie that was my one fear the whole time we had it – that’s why it was right up on top of the range hood. Bit of a pain when I did some cooking but at least it was out of the way
      I’d gift you some fingerless mittens ‘cept as you say it will soon be summer where you live and I don’t think you want to be reminded of winter jsut yet lol


  3. It seems so strange to see your autumn trees in Australia, when the USA is greeting Spring. Of course, there are only two seasons in Hawaii: Summer and Winter. Lol.


    1. Thats’ why it’s so popular with tourists – loved every minute of our visits.
      Here in Australia the top half of the country only has two seasons – Wet and Dry.


  4. Good grief – how much wool have you got! I think you could open up your own wool shop. Never mind tidying the garage – get knitting!
    Love from Mum


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