Well now, what do you know!

It’s Sunday May 5th 2013
Today’s the Day
To have some Blogland Fun
Mum’s Virtual Spring Fest

Mum's Virtual Spring fest

When you mention the word Spring
One of my favourite ‘things’ to do some years is to plant containers
As well as the usual plant pots and barrels
(These are not my photos)
(all have been ‘collected’ over many years)

(sources unknown)

Planted Pot

1 barrel

There are also hanging baskets and window boxes.

6 hangingbasket8 window-boxes

In one of her posts Mum actually mentioned the word ‘scavenger’ 
and the first thought that came into my mind was ‘Planted Chairs’.
A fabulous way to recycle/use up old chairs that might be sitting around the house, not used and getting in the way or even ones acquired aka ‘scavenged’ for this purpose.

Heres what they could look like when finished
click on thumbnails to enlarge

And they are so easy to make
One old chair – any style – any make
A few tools to remove seat
Mesh or container
Potting mix
Plants – your choice

If you click on this link you’ll find an excellent tutorial
This one’s for an old Papasan chair but the same principle applies
Planted Papasan Chair

Now in case you are wondering if I’m talking a load of old nonsence
look at this photo
Taken late in 2004 – shows our oldest grandaughter (now nearly 20!) at the bottom of our garden along with two planted wicker chairs. Chairs I found on /scavenged from the side of the road 🙂

Planted chairs - 2004

Last year she had to do a project involving her chosen subject of music
And guess what! 
Look at what she made!

Shannon's planted mosaiced chair for yr 12 music assignment

A planted chair incorporating the music theme in mosaics
something we’d all had fun with when the grandchildren were younger 🙂

Don’t forget to pop over to Mum’s and see what others are doing at the Virtual Spring Fest

9 thoughts on “Well now, what do you know!

  1. Love the chairs, I do a bit of Skip Diving, next time I need to look with fresh eyes.


  2. Visiting for Spring Fest, Oh, I do love the chairs! If I HAD to choose just one,it would be the barrel with birdhouse in the background…it would be perfect in my garden.
    Jane x


  3. Visiting from Mum’s Spring Fest. The tub and baskets are wonderfull. I love the chairs. I don’t think hubby would be too please if I did that to our dinning chairs.


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