Lazy Hazy Days

The Golfer arrived home on Monday of last week from a jaunt to Perth W.A. for a volunteer commitment – so he took me out to lunch on Tuesday.  ‘A Secret Rendezvous’ he said – just get in the car and enjoy the ride.  We ended up at the Toolangi Pub (Tavern) about an hour away.  Great lunch in nice comfortable country settings which I’ll write about another day.  I wandered out to the back deck to enjoy the view of the nearby hills and saw it on the horizon.
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Back deck and hills Toolangi Pub  Back deck hills and burning off Toolangi Paub

The next day Wednesday, I nipped down the road to Boronia, a suburb about 10 minutes from home – stood and admired the view of the Dandenongs from one of the car parks and saw another one.View of hills Boronia View of hills plus burning off Boronia

This is what it looked like as I drove home

seen on the way home

 Sunday began as a bright sunny day so we went for a drive – yes, a couple of old codgers making our way down the highway enjoying ourselves in our own way.  I wanted to go to the coast but somehow the car travelled east and we ended up at Warragul – don’t ask!!  – so to overcome my annoyance (read silent rage) I snapped away at anything and everything out of the mucky windscreen.  Nice old fashioned farm windmill brings up water from a lower level – oh look what’s that on the horizon?Windmill near Warragul

Burning off near Warragul

What makes you think the DSE is taking advantage of the much cooler weather and is burning off in a lot of the nearby state forests??  These days they tend to call them controlled or planned burns – a quite laughable term when some of our major bushfires have been the result of ‘controlled burns’ on days that just were not suitable.

How are things ‘controlled’ where you live?

5 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Days

  1. I could smell smoke here just yesterday. Your right they may be controlled fires, let’s hope they stay controlled.


  2. G’day Cathy. They have great meals at Toolangi Tavern. We’ve been there a few times. They have been doing controlled burns up our way also. Great photos Cathy. Take care. Liz…


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