Never leave home without it!

And what would that be I hear you say!
Hold on I’ll tell you in a minute 🙂

 Something I’ve learn’t about travelling is that even with the best weather forecast in the world you never quite know if it will turn out the predicted way.
My Dad used to think that way as well
So there was one thing that always accompanied him on his travels
and that was his Pac a Mac 

Once he retired, nothing – especially a little drop of rain – was going to stop him being out and about enjoying himself (cringworthy at times Mum would say lol) He favoured the long raincoat style, it keeps me bum warm he’d laugh!Wet day at the wishing well


Having fun in the street on a wet day

Anyway he taught me well – the first thing I hunt out when we are gathering things together is my Red Jacket.  The best bargain I ever got – $5 in a sale many years ago.  Windproof and showerproof, Light (weighs less than 200gms) and Loose (so I can layer beneath it) and packs up flat into that little bag. My Red JacketSo much easier than the swish red Rainbird Stowaway one I have thats lurking in a cupboard somewhere – yes, I’ll agree it (R/bird) is more tailored and has a wicking lining but try as I might there was no way I could fit the whole coat into the pocket (as was suggested when I first got it years ago) and on the very rare time I ever managed to do just that all I ended up with was a lumpy roll lol  Now they come with an extra bag but you still end up with a bulky roll thats hard to pack!

Anyway it (my Red Jacket) has  been here, there and everywhere with me, fits nicely into my carry on bag when o/seas or comes along in the car for travel in Australia. Not always needed but reassuring to know its there.   A brollie comes too and they are great but can be lethal in the wind 😦

Heres a few of the places I’ve found it
Cruising along in the rain on its first trip to Alaska in 2006, where it visited the Mendenhall Glacier.  (Notice the layered clothing lol)  The Golfer came along as well. He had his own special jacket with him

Then it was spied in Newfoundland in 2010, firstly at the film set of Random Passage (tv series adapted from a book of the same name).  Another day it was seen walking along the boardwalk of The Tablelands in the Gros Morne National Park, later with its hood covering another warm fluffy hat it braved the cold on Western Brook Pond.   It found its way to Quidi Vidi Battery – an historic place near to St John’s – then on to contemplate the hard life of the early settlers near the cold Atlantic Ocean.  Thankfully as the wind dropped for a little while it found time for a laugh and smile with a blue jacketed friend

It’ll be tagging along with us when we’re up north in Queensland this coming Winter.  Hopefully it won’t put in an appearance then 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Never leave home without it!

  1. Sounds like the perfect jacket for travelling! Loved all your photos too. In Qld we don’t normally have winter rains…but these days one just doesn’t know! Lol


  2. The other thing that is good about your red rain jacket, you can always be found in a crowd. Hope you don’t need it in FNQ but as Maria commented the weather patterns are very unpredictable these days. Hope you enjoy our beautiful Queensland


  3. Cathy, when I read this post of yours earlier this year, I thought that I’d like to write a similar post. So I went through all the holiday photos over the next couple of months and saved appropriate pics to a folder. Finally I have written that post on my blog. Thank you for the idea!


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