Soap ready to go…..

I love to see all the crafty things for sale at markets especially when the market is in another country.  During our trip to New Zealand the other year we spent a day in Dunedin – a lovely old town on the South Island. 

Wandering round the market there and not really paying much attention I saw this metal cake stand and then wondered why on earth anyone would be selling cakes out in the open on such a warm day.

Cup cakes on a stand soaps

What I actually had spied was a stall selling soaps – not your normal run of the mill flat bars of soap but delicious looking ‘cakes’ of soap.  Beautifully presented and very enticing – more cakes of soap than I’ve ever seen before.Cup cakes on a plate soaps

Not only were there ‘cup cakes’ of soap but also very large ‘slices’ of cakes – each complete with their own box so they could be carried home without breaking.  Even tho they weren’t really fragile unfortunately all of them were just a bit too bulky and heavy to take home.   

Slice of cake soap

It reminded me of a Queensland blogger I’d lost touch with – Granny had a blog where she as well as her family and garden she would talk about her little cottage industry making soaps and things for the local market close to where she lived.  I’ve just recently found her new blog – called what else but grannyscottage🙂  Pop in and see what she’s been up to now, as she says she’s found her ‘Soapy Groove’ again. 

If you are interested the Dunedin company has a web site
It’s a delicious looking site – things there almost good enough to eat!

I have never found commercial brands of soap that look anything like these
A bit like decorative candles, I’d be sad to see them disappearing
Do you buy homemade soaps at all or prefer commercial brands

5 thoughts on “Soap ready to go…..

  1. I don’t use soap much but I love buying it and keep a stock of interesting ones for gifts. I’d definitely be buying some of those lovely cupcakes.


  2. Those are very pretty and would make great gifts. However, I use hand pumps for washing hands, and 2 different bar soaps on my face and body.


  3. We had some little delicious looking decorative soaps in our guest bathroom. Our youngest granddaughter found them too luscious looking to ignore and helped herself to a bite. I’m pretty sure she learned a valuable lesson about taking food without asking:) Those cakes you found would be difficult for even an adult to ignore.


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