So what did you end up doing??

Well I did think about going shopping
No not for a Jeep 
But I went for a walk instead lol

Hot hot days – Dr’s orders to rest and avoid dusty places – meant I didn’t stray far from the house for much of the summer months
But with the glorious autumnal weather we are having at the moment there has been no excuse for not getting out and enjoying it.
So, I had a little wander up the road to see how our local park had coped with those long dry hot summer days. 

 The small sporadic showers of rain we did have recently had turned some of the grass a rich green colourPark 1

Easter holidays means time off from school and kinder so there were lots of youngsters enjoying the park the way it was intended.  
There were Little Boys tearing aound on bikes!Park bikesAnd what looked like a Little Sister trying so very hard to keep up 
but the path was uphill and her little legs plus the trainer wheels wouldn’t let her.Park little oneThere were several families at the playground
Park playground

And it looked like the dogs were having a day out as well as well!Park dogs

I’m not a fan of Big Dogs even on leads so turned around and walked over to the bridge that spans some of the ‘wetlands’
(actually built as storm/drainage protection scheme)
but functions very well as a home for wetland birds Park bridge

 And then made my way back up the hill to a favourite spot

Park bench

I like to sit here and look out over the ‘wetlands’ and enjoy the ‘view’
although on this day apart from the families near the community house there wasn’t much going on at all

Park wetlands

There ‘was’ something white thrashing about down below on the opposite bank

Park heron

Look what I found when I finally made my way down
What I think is a White Heron had made its way into the water
and was just standing there Park White Heron

 I purposely didn’t get too close to the children or their families
If you want a clearer view all the photos will enlarge with a click

9 thoughts on “So what did you end up doing??

  1. G’day Cathy. Lovely photo’s. I for one am glad the hot weather is over, though I believe we are still going to be getting some nice days in the middle to high 20’s next week. I have never been a summer girl, much prefer the cooler temperatures. Take care. Liz…


    1. Hello Liz – apart from one really cool day this week has been great and yes the BOM is saying next week will be ‘lovely’ as well. Might get some more walks in! By the way how are you? I felt for you choosing to have your long hair cut short in the off chance it would fall out after treatment


    1. Hello Gigi
      We’ve been promised very similar days next week which will great. Nicer to be outside than cooped up in the house. Hope you are feeling better now.


  2. The little sister trying to keep up on the bicycle made me remember trying to keep up with my big brother in the swimming pool and I followed him to the deep end. I could not swim and he did not know I had followed because he wore ear plugs. The life guard had to jump in a save me and my brother swore me to secrecy.


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