Happiness was….

Happiness Was

Having doors and windows wide open – feeling cool breezes meandering through the house – making it pleasant and comfortable – without accompanying noises.

Happiness Is

Knowing this will be happening for several days – the house will be cool – we won’t be tired in the mornings – I can cook ‘hot’ food – won’t grimace at the thought of going outside

Hopefully the heatwave is over for a little while – 9 consecutive days over 30c/86f was a little too much even for me.  Hotter then usual January – Hotter than usual February – records broken each month – now this (another record) and it’s only the 13th of the month with another 18 days to go!  We realise other places in the world are hotter but you have to remember this is Melbourne – well known for having a four season climate – all on one day 🙂

Yes, the cool change arrived – the overnight forecast is for 15c/59f – Might have to put a cover on over the sheet tonight lol

10 thoughts on “Happiness was….

  1. We’ve had an unprecedented 35 degrees here for a week….but at least the nights are cool.
    I feel like a wet rag and am beginning to run out of cold soup ideas!


  2. Oh yes it was great to open the window and let the fresh air in.only some idiot decided it was a good time to burn off and then I had to close them again. Was not happy jan I can tell you. I did sleep in till nine this morning so that was a bonus. xxx


  3. I’m glad to read that the heat has given you a break. We are not at the open-window stage of our oncoming Spring. I enjoy reading your perspective – cooking hot food without grimacing. I understand that completely!


  4. I’ve almost forgotten what its like to be too hot. But I am enjoying snuggling under the duvet, I hate sleeping without a cover. Be cool.


  5. Oh, the other side of the world!

    I live in Virginia (US), a four season state, but it seems to have forgotten that it’s now Spring!

    I hope the weather is more bearable for you since you wrote this post.


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