Feline fun

Now you all know about my love of and affinity with Cats
Over the years I/we’ve owned many
and in their own special way they have ‘owned’ us

It’s nearly 3 years since we said goodbye to Leroy
A very special chocolate Burmese in so many ways
He and Kiera we inseperable until the day he died

 I called this photo
‘Wherever you go – whatever you do’
and you can see why 🙂
Whatever he did she would copy
Like this for example lol
In it togetherAnd almost as a tribute to her old friend
Kiera continues those learned bad habits
Always in the way
well not in her eyes maybe.
How many of us suffer from ‘in your face’ cat

Who saysWhat do we have here

Following on from that, I saw the funniest cat cartoon last week
Tilly had this on her blog post Joke 713
the source is Rymes with Orange

Cats at work 1Isn’t that just true to life – maybe not at work but certainly in the home
Not convinced – see above photos lol

Heres another of their true to life ‘catty’ cartoons

Do you - don't you!

Change the in to out and I tell you if I had a dollar for every time I’ve stood at the door and muttered those words I’d be rather well off
You too? lol

8 thoughts on “Feline fun

  1. LOL! Those cats, they sure are strange characters. Mine used to lay on top of my old fashion computer monitor and give me that look all the time!
    Fun post, Cathy!


  2. Those cartoons are priceless. I have an “in your face” dog. It is difficult to type with one hand but I must when she insists my other hand is patting her. She will reach any height to retrieve my hand to the top of her head


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